Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I know, I know--it's been too long but it's that time of year (need I say more)? I loved our guests today and you should check for that back to basics cookbook we talked about this morning. It's the perfect cookbook for the beginner!

"The Power of Play" is one of those books that people of ALL ages need to read, especially if there are youngsters in your life (it made me feel like a kid again!). Check out or for details on how to get this amazing book.

Jon and I loved meeting and speaking with Carol Reigh, Oshkosh-native and novelist. Carol's novel, "Second Fiddle" can be found at Apple Blossom Books in Oshkosh AND online at Meet Carol and purchase a signed copy of "Second Fiddle" on Friday, December 19th, at Choice Bank on Witzel Avenue. The Holiday Open House begins at 3:30. I'm telling you--you're gonna want to meet Carol......what a sweet lady (and talented, too). You can also go online to for more information.

Hey, it was a blast today--hope to see you tomorrow.....ON the radio! Cheers!!