Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday 2/27 Live Blog

Anyone else catch the stimulating conversation on CNN last night regarding the chimp that went nuts and pulled that woman's face off? They actually had a sci-fi author on who speculated that this could be the "beginning of a real-life Planet of the Apes." Seriously. He said it with a straight face. Wow.

So what if Jessica has a little extra junk in her trunk, right?!? We like our gals meaty. How do celebrity images affect our self esteem? As part of National Eating Disorders Week, author Susie Shina joined us to talk about sensible solutions for staying healthy. Visit her website at for more.

Lynda Resnick's new book, Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business, gives tips on how to succeed in this topsy-turvy economy of ours. It's a great resource and quite inspirational as well. Find it online at

Valerie from Wisconsin Tourism gave us a loooong list of activities for the weekend. No excuses for boredom after you visit

Our Friday was complete when Tony Meade stopped by to chat new releases. For this week at least, you'll have to find a 3D theater if you want to check out the new Jonas Brothers flick...otherwise go to for the full list of shows and showtimes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday 2/26 Live Blog

February goes out kicking and screaming as we have yet another Winter Storm Warning on our plates this afternoon. As always, K107.1 and will have updates on closings and cancellations. We'll also lick your pick at no extra charge.

Weekend Buzz once again brought Jeanne Wagner from The Paine Art Center's Family Discovery Gallery. Find family fun every Saturday at

The 4th annual Bid 'n Brew to benefit FACES happens this Saturday night. Big food, big auction, and oh yes, big beer. Check out for ticket info.

Angela Mueller is the owner of the Fond du Lac Curves location, and she was gracious enough to stop by and tell us about their March Food Drive to benefit area families. Call 907-8121 for details.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday 2/25 Live Blog

As the Fat Tuesday hangover lingers (who knew a dozen donuts before bedtime would cause such a headache?), we move into Ash Wednesday and a chance to focus on being a better person. Improve your life and the life of those around you. In that spirit, we were going to suspend all corny jokes on the air and in this blog during the Lenten season...but then we realized the 6 of you who listen and the 2 of you reading this blog might really miss the corn. So, business as usual for now.

Author Karol Ward helped find the Jedi in all of us and chatted about her new book, Find Your Inner Voice: Using Instinct and Intuition Through the Body-Mind Connection. Visit for more.

Our K107.1 Bridal Expert Sharon Naylor stopped by to get us set for upcoming nuptials. What are the first steps after you say "yes" to a proposal? Tons of resources are yours at

Don't forget February is Heart Health Awareness Month, and Agnesian Healthcare's annual Red Rose Day is today. Click for a list of locations.

Mark Weinstein's new book Habitually Great: Master Your Habits, Own Your Destiny gives great insight into ways we can use the tools we already have to create the future we desire. Mark's company website has more at

The Treasure Hunter's Roadshow has arrived at the Fond du Lac Holiday Inn. Dig out your antiques & collectables and see what they're worth! FREE admission thru Friday from 9 to 6, and Saturday 9 to 4. Go to for details.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday 2/24 Live Blog

And doesn't it seem like we were JUST celebrating Fat Tuesday 2008? The end of Mardi Gras for another year has arrived already. It only goes to prove the old saying, "Time Flies When You're Fat." By the way, one of our all-time favorite fat guys, Dom DeLuise has a pretty cool website these days at:

IHOP is offering free pancakes today as it's also National Pancake Day?!? No argument here, just go to for details.

K107.1 numerologist Tania Gabrielle crunched the numbers and told us the future of the Octo-Mom, Matt Kenseth, the stimulus package, and more. See what your numbers say about you and get a FREE e-book at Tania's website,

Our Mardi Gras celebration wrapped up with the Disciples of Dixieland talking jazz and swing music, part of the festivites tonight at Jukebox Charlies in Fond du Lac. Check out Ray and Ben and friends starting at 7 (flashers welcome).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday 2/23 Live Blog

Nice to see Mr. & Mrs. Darth Vader at last nights Academy Awards. He looks so much different with his helmet off.

Following our Oscars re-cap, reading specialist Maria Corkern stopped by to talk vocabulary (like, how to talk good and junk). Her new book Doris TheSaurus is in stores now and online at

The science of zzzzzzzzzzzz's is covered in The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Sleep Disorders. The author, Dr. Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, can be found at

Debra Gwartney chatted love lost and found in her new book, Live Through This: A Mother's Memoir of Runaway Daughters and Reclaimed Love. Visit Debra at her website,

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday 2/20 Live Blog

How unappetizing is it when someone near you decides it would be a good idea to tell you how sick they are, when they started feeling sick, symptoms of their illness, etc? Not cool. We take this opportunity, during cold & flu season, to tell you on behalf of your fellow man...KNOCK IT OFF!!

On that note, Jon is really really sick today. Like "at death's door" type stuff. Thus, the world record attempt at doing the entire show with a lozenge in his mouth. Stay tuned...

Jane Ubell-Meyer joined us to talk Oscars and those oh-so-posh swag bags that all the celebs get to take home. Jane is known as "The Celebrity Gifting Guru" and heads up a company that makes some really trendy reading glasses. Find Jane at

Great tips on how to spend your Wisconsin weekend with Valerie from the tourism bureau. If you missed a detail or need the full list, go to

Oscar talk continued with Sir Tony Meade, who also ran down the list of new releases. Fired Up is in theaters, along with Oscar-nominated holdovers The Reader, Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A full list of shows and showtimes is online at

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday 2/19 Live Blog

Happy 54th to frequent Jon & Mary guest Jeff Daniels. World-class actor and all around good guy.

Don't forget to see the Frederic Remington exhibition at The Paine Art Center before it's too late. This weekend also brings some wild west fun for the kids in the Family Discovery Gallery. Go to for more.

K107.1 Relationship Expert Bob Buchicchio gave us tips on keeping the fire burning after Valentine's Day. Find Bob at and get that love river flowing.

An honor to welcome in our final guest of the morning, Oscar nominated for her role as Hot Lips in M*A*S*H, Sally Kellerman talked Academy Awards and gave us a listen to her new album, Sally. Who knew she was a singer? The best song on the album...Ferret Face Blues. By far. Sally is online at

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday 2/18 Live Blog

The big Michael Jackson auction is set for April 22-25, featuring over 2,000 items from Neverland Ranch and other properties. BY FAR our favorite piece is the painting of Jacko wearing his trademark shades and sequined glove alongside various historical figures sporting the same look. Washington, Lincoln, Mona Lisa, Einstein...and E.T.?!?

Dr. Holly Thacker made all of us a little hot under the collar this morning as she chatted about her latest book, The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Menopause. Visit for more info.

Another member of the stethoscope brigade made an appearance as Dr. Scott "Feelgood" Stellmacher stopped by to talk smoking and the stopping thereof. Check out for details.

Matt from Matt's DJ Service was in studio to give us the lowdown on the live music business. Time is of the essence to make those reservations, so give Matt a ring at 920-375-0809 or log on at

Our final guest was Fond du Lac native Hannah Bethel, a singer-songwriter now living in Nashville and reaching for the stars in an online contest at The winner opens for Little Big Town at one of their upcoming shows. Not quite as good as hanging out with Willie Nelson, but close. YOU can help Hannah live the dream by voting for her early and often at the above website, or visit Hannah's website and hear her music at

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday 2/17 Live Blog

And just when we thought we were out...the Snow Miser pulls us back in. A Winter Weather Advisory is on our radar for this evening and all day Wednesday. As always, be sure to click the school bus at for an updated list of closings and cancellations.

Saving money could be as easy as getting organized. So says organization expert Jamie Novak of HGTV's Mission: Organization and Sort It Out With Jamie. Get all the orderly details at Jamie's website,, and pick up her new book The Get Organized Answer Book, in stores next month.

K107.1 dream expert Lauri Loewenberg stopped by to interpret Jon's weird Matthew Perry dream (don't ask why Chandler was a police officer...he just was, okay?). Lauri has tons of FREE stuff at her website,

Can anyone learn a new language? The answer is "oui" according to Steve Kaufman, a man who speaks 9 languages and has written The Way of the Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey. Fortunately, the book is written in English. Find more at or

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday 2/16 Live Blog

There's a definite Presidential-type feeling in the air as President's Day 2009 has arrived. Doesn't it feel like we were just celebrating PD 2008?!? Where does the time go? In addition to the big party at Mary's house tonight, President's Day also means no mail matter how many times you check.

Kevin Miller from the Windhover Center for the Arts stopped by with the scoop on the annual radio auction happening this weekend. It's a great cause and oh-so-easy to support...just turn over to News-Talk 1450 KFIZ on Saturday at noon and have your phone at the ready. Click on for a full list of items.

Another Medium Monday brought our psychic medium Susan Anderson to the airwaves. Find Susan online at

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday 2/13 Live Blog

So which is the bigger "holiday"? Friday the 13th or Valentine's Day? Both involve blood, guts, bad luck, hurt feelings. It's rare that they fall on consecutive days, so maybe we should just forget the competition and enjoy both to their fullest. Go ahead and break a mirror today, and then glue it back together with your Valentine tomorrow. Like a big, warm-fuzzy jigsaw puzzle.

Horicon Bank's Taste of Fond du Lac is coming up Sunday, February 22nd. Tickets now available for all the tasty fun...go to for details.

Valerie from Wisconsin Tourism stopped by to get us set for another weekend around the state. If you missed an event, check out

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Tony talked new movies,
Like he always do.

While the poetry sucks, the new releases sound quite good: Friday the 13th, Confessions of a Shopaholic and The International. Go to for a full list of shows and showtimes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday 2/12 Live Blog

After turning 200 years old, you'd think it might be a good idea to slow down, take it easy, and smell the roses. Not so for Honest Abe, celebrating a double century today and getting set to unveil FOUR new penny designs this year (to get a look, go to and he'll be starring as himself in a new movie from Steven Spielberg. Whew, what energy that beard holds!

Jeanne Wagner from The Paine Art Center stopped by to tell us all about Valentine's Day in the Family Discovery Gallery. Go to for all the loving details.

Our old pal (and Detroit Tigers fan) Steve Kleinedler from American Heritage Dictionaries unveiled their latest book, 100 Words For Lovers. Oooooh, so hot! Check out

K107.1 Lifestyle Diva Jerusha Stewart has great advice for keeping it real on Valentine's Day (and by the way, real = cheap). Get a few great ideas at or pick up Jerusha's book, The Single Girl's Manifesta. Here are a few of the websites Jerusha threw at us today:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday 2/11 Live Blog

It's Jennifer Aniston's BIG 4-0 today, but we'd rather focus on the BIG 8-3 being celebrated by the great Leslie Nielsen. We salute you, Mr. Poopy Pants.

Pursapalooza 2009 benefits the Volunteer Center of Fond du Lac County. Good times and good people all happening on Thursday, February 19th at South Hills G & CC. Purchase tickets by calling 926-1414 or e-mail Kay at

Pro wrestler Necro Butcher stopped by to talk about his role in The Wrestler opposite Mickey Rourke. Necro is pretty intense, what with all the staple-gunning and glass chewing he does. Find Necro and more about Ring of Honor Wrestling online at

Ann Bausum from National Geographic helped us get ready for President's Day with her latest kids book, Our Country's Presidents. To get the book or read up on any of Ann's other books, go to

We wrapped the show with "professional mom" Julienne Smith. Just in time for Valentine's Day, Julienne has put together a great conversation catalyst, Food For Talk: Couples Edition. Julienne is online at

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday 2/10 Live Blog has just released their list of the 10 Hottest Women Over Size 10. Here's your #1 - Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Just a tremendously talented gal.

As our Valentine's Week continues, author Abigail Trafford talked about her latest book As Time Goes By. It's an entertaining look at love and marriage as our lives move through different stages. Go to for more.

Comedian Jeff Mac has translated the male gender for all of those confused women among us. Manslations: Decoding the Secret Language of Men is now in stores and online at

How about a few HOT tips for a recession-proof Valentine's Day? Whitney Casey says it's time to go back to that old theory, "it's the thought that counts." For inside tips and a few intimate (yet inexpensive) ideas, visit

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday 2/9 Live Blog

At the Grammys last night, Snoop Dogg was caught on the red carpet with The Nanny. Are they dating? Is this a sign that the end of the world is near? Has he sampled her laugh for one of his upcoming albums?

Our Valentine's Week festivities officially kick off this morning. Go to for details, and listen every morning this week to win lovey-dovey prizes from our very special Jon & Mary box of chocolates.

Author Ellen Greene's new book, Remember the Sweet Things is a great reminder to notice the little things that make love & relationships, sweet? Ellen's the expert, so we'll take her word for it. Find her online at

Jennifer Oz LeRoy has put together a great book on the world famous Tavern on the Green in New York City. Trivia and history along with a bit of celebrity gossip are all inside Tavern on the Green: 125 Recipes for Good Times. Visit Tavern's website at

"America's Romance Authority" Greg Godek stopped by to get us set for some lovin' this weekend. But wait, says Greg, romance should be a year round activity! Find it all in his book, 1,001 Ways to Be Romantic and online at

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday 2/6 Live Blog

It's national Wear Red Day today as part of the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women campaign. So wear red, or at least be Redd. They both work.

David Acord was our first guest this morning, helping us celebrate the upcoming 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. His book, What Would Lincoln Do? examines our modern problems and gives solutions through the eyes of Honest Abe. Find the book online at

It's time for Getting Naked Again! Sweeeeet. Dr. Judith Sills has advice on dating, romance, sex and love when you've been divorced, widowed, dumped, or distracted. Dr. Sills website has more resources at

Valerie got us traveling around the Badger State for another weekend. Folks to see, things to do (or is that vice versa?) at

Our pal Tony Meade is rolling out three new selections for the weekend...Oscar nominated Frost/Nixon, Pink Panther 2, and He's Just Not That Into You. Another K107.1 Night at the Movies happens this Tuesday, with 2-for-1 prices on every flick! Go to for shows and showtimes.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday 2/5 Live Blog

So while a hankering for donuts on a chilly morning is really nothing new, when it starts to become a specific type of donut from a place that's no longer in business, that's about the time it becomes an obsession. Much like the episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye sent home for Adam's Ribs, Jon feels the need to revive the Dawn Donuts franchise and re-live the gluttony of his youth (and just in case you didn't know, Dawn Donuts was based mostly in Michigan before being slowly sold off to Dunkin Donuts...those jerks).

Anyway, on to business for a Thursday morning as we welcomed in Michelle Rector from The Paine Art Center to chat about the new Frederic Remington exhibit. Go to for details and check out the Horicon Bank Community Calendar at for more Weekend Buzz fun.

Author Ryan D'Agostino phoned in to talk about his latest effort, Rich Like Them. An odyssey of trick-or-treating proportions as Ryan went door to door in rich neighborhoods to ask the residents how they ended up that way. Find Ryan online at

Our K107.1 Life Coach Mary T. Browne made her monthly visit and told us love is a state of mind. Hmmm...ok. Concentration is key as Valentine's Day approaches. Mary's brand new website is at

Don't forget the FDL Boys & Girls Club is having their big Reach for the Stars fundraiser on Friday, February 13th. Tickets are still available for what should be a great night. Call Dan at 920-924-0530 or go to

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday 2/4 Live Blog

Short of taking the day off work, we're doing our best this morning to celebrate the 86th (!!) birthday of Mr. Conrad Bain. Best known as the generous whitey on Diff'rent Strokes, Conrad was also a regular on Maude. We salute you, sir!

Disney on Ice returns to the Resch Center next week, and we made another family 4-pack winner this morning. Don't forget that our friends Nick Thomas and Joey T also have your chances to see Mickey & Pals up close all this week.

'Tis the season for romance with Valentine's Day fast approaching. Before you pop the question or say "I do," check out Dr. Christine Whelan's book, Marry Smart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to True Love. Get a sample and more info online at

Our petspert (that's pet-expert, for those of you who don't make up your own words like we do) Dr. Ann Sosalla stopped by to talk about having pets during tough economic times. Visit Dr. Ann at Companion Animal Care in Fond du Lac, or online at

Dr. Sean Foreman, the K107.1 Political Analyst talked bailouts, stimulus and tax evasion. Has Obama lost his grip in D.C. already? Check out Sean online at the Barry University website,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday 2/3 Live Blog

So we take a 3-day weekend and the biggest news we come back to is Michael Phelps taking a toke? Is this really a big deal? Wouldn't swimming actually be more difficult if you were high? I'd imagine it would feel like doggy-paddling through a Twinkie.

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson was our first guest, talking about the power of positivity as detailed in her book, Positivity (great name, doc!). Find details and online tools at

Gillian McKeith's latest edition of her Gillian McKeith's Food Bible is now in stores. Gillian claims that "good nutrition can literally change your life!" and that's good enough for us. Find more at

Hey, BIG congrats to the winner of our Super Bowl "Beat the K-Crew" contest. Dace Branson picked the Steelers, was only one away on total points (Dace said 51, the actual total was 50), and was closest on total passing yards as the tiebreaker (Dace said 495, the total was 633). Thanks to everyone for playing, thanks to Pro-Cellular and Mancino's for the great prizes, and again, congratulations to Dace for winning the CVII dollars in cash for Super Bowl XLIII.

Finally this morning, we chatted about The Day The Music Died. Today is the 50th anniversay of that plane crash and it was a local man, Ken Paquette from Green Bay, who designed the monument at the crash site in Iowa. A replica stands outside the Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay. Here's the original: