Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday 10/30 Live Blog

BREAKING NEWS...we're just over 48 hours from The Biggest Game in the History of the Universe, and the K107.1 Sports Desk is reporting that Brett Favre has once again retired (and yes, crying as he did it) from the NFL and hooked up with the Harlem Globetrotters. How this affects the game on Sunday is anybody's guess.

Our Johnsonville Packer Preview took a look at that possibly Brett-less game between the Packers and Vikings, and made another tasty winner of $25 in Johnsonville brats. Pregame coverage starts at 1 with the kickoff at 3:15 this Sunday on K107.1.

Verizon Wireless has teamed up with the Green Bay Packers to provide a HopeLine for domestic violence victims. Carolyn Schamberger told us about the wireless phone drive being held at all five entrances at Lambeau Field. Just bring your old, unused phones to be recycled, refurbished, and reused by those in need.

Twilight Zone celebrates its 50th anniversary this month and author/megafan Stewart Stanyard talked about the progam's longevity and ongoing popularity. Check out Stewart's comprehensive website and pick up his book, Dimensions Behind The Twilight Zone.

Tony Meade moonwalked into the studio with details on this week's only big release, Michael Jackson's This Is It. Pizza Ranch gives you a full list of movies and showtimes for Oshkosh and Fond du Lac at

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday 10/29 Live Blog

At a news conference yesterday, Brett Favre said he wasn't afraid of getting a harsh welcome at Lambeau this Sunday because, "I've heard boos in that stadium before. Numerous times." Bitter much? Also this morning we take you back to the photo shoot Brett did for the rare Wrangler Daisy Dukes, which mostly appealed to truckers and guys who mow their lawn with no shirt on.

Weekend Buzz took us to the final few days of Halloween fun around the South Valley. "Jefe, would say we have a plethora of events listed at" "Oh jes, El Guapo...we have a plethora."

Author Sarah Maria gave us a self-esteem boost with her new book, Love Your Body, Love Your Life. Empower yourself and use Sarah's 5-step plan to overcome negative body obsession.

Mentalist Wayne Hoffman blew our collective minds with a series of mind-reading techniques that he's perfected since the age of 6. Check out Wayne's website and let him give you a mental examination right through the computer screen.

Chris Pratt from NBC's Parks & Recreation joined us to talk about the show and a special Halloween-themed episode airing tonight at 7:30. Look for Chris' character Andy to save the day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday 10/28 Live Blog

Our countdown to Packers-Vikings continues with a look back at one of Jon's favorite Brett Favre moments. This photo was taken all the way back in 1996 during a photo shoot for Brett's first Wranglers commercial. As you can see, the Lions' George Jamison snuck onto the set to apply a little more pressure than the regular crew of actors who play "defense" in those ads.

Chief Jeff Johnson, President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, joined us on the K-Lines with a reminder to change those batteries in your smoke detectors when you fall back this weekend. To learn more about the Change Your Clock Change Your Battery program, log onto

Dr. Jeff Junig had good advice on how to talk to kids about money problems. According to the doc, sending your children off to work at one of those Nike factories in Singapore is NOT a good idea. Who knew? Get more great tips in person at Dr. Junig's office in downtown Fond du Lac.

Wannabe mini-MacGuyvers...your purpose has arrived. Author John Austin gave us a tour of his new book, Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction. Amaze your family and impress your friends with detailed instructions on how to turn paper clips, toothpicks, ballpoint pens, and more regular household products into cool weapons.

Meteorologist and all-around good guy Michael Fish dropped in with a look at how our long term weather patterns are shaping up this winter. Cold and dry? Warm and wet? Catch Fish's latest forecasts on WTMJ TV and radio (just don't go switching over permanently).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday 10/27 Live Blog

As of 3:15 this afternoon, we have EXACTLY five days until Packers-Vikings kickoff at Lambeau Field. The latest rumor says that John Madden (you know, the guy from those Ace Hardware commercials?) has gassed up the bus and is headed for the game. It'll be fun to see how much mass he's added to his giant cranium during retirement.

A Blockbuster New Release Tuesday got us up to speed on what's big in new movies and music. Catch up with Manny, Sid, and Diego in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Larry David stars in Woody Allen's Whatever Works, and horror-spoof Stan Helsing debuts directly to DVD. On the musical side, new albums from Rod Stewart, Train, Creed, Sting, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra are in stores, along with Michael Jackson's This Is It.

K107.1 Numerologist Tania Gabrielle joined us to break down how the numbers will affect this weekend's Packer game. How has wearing the number '4' helped Mr. Favre during his career? Does the game falling on 11/1 mean anything besides being easy to remember? Sign up for Tania's free newsletter and have your numbers crunched at her website.

Our final guest was Jim Schmitt, the Mayor of Green Bay and unofficial driver of the Brett Favre welcome wagon. The city of Green Bay is having a contest for the best way to welcome The Favremeister back to town. Submit your idea here (just make sure it's tasteful and doesn't disparage the fine craftsmanship of Wrangler jeans).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday 10/26 Live Blog

With all the excitement here in Wisconsin focused firmly on the release of Michael Jackson's This Is It on Wednesday, we thought it would be good to remind y'all that a certain blubbering Wrangler spokesman comes to town this Sunday. Just in case you forgot...because, like, no one has mentioned it in the last 10 seconds or so.

The Weill Center in Sheboygan welcomes the Vienna Boys Choir (not to be confused with Menudo) on Saturday, November 7. Listen for your next chance to win a VIP package, including tickets to the show and an overnight stay at the GrandStay Suite Hotel. Click on for details.

Author David Murphy joined us with timely advice as Halloween approaches. Do you have an insatiable craving for human brains? Feel lethargic during the daytime hours? Unfortunately, you might be a zombie. Pick up David's latest book, Zombies for Zombies: Advice and Etiquette for the Living Dead, and make your own conclusions.

K107.1 Psychic Medium Susan Anderson gave us a glimpse into the future on another Medium Monday. Book a private reading and find more with Susan and her equally talented daughter Christine at their website.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday 10/23 Live Blog

At last, the FINAL day of Jon and Mary's wager has arrived. For four straight days, Jon has worn the Green & Gold...and for four straight days he's cried himself to sleep. That should put to rest any further wagering on the Detroit Lions (although that Thanksgiving game looks pretty pretty pretty tempting).

Speaking of the Pack, they head to Cleveland this Sunday for a date with the mighty Browns. Our Johnsonville Packer Preview got you set for the game and made another lucky winner of $25 worth of Johnsonville brats. Tight! (your pants, that is, after eating all that encased meat)

The world's #1 best-selling crime writer Patricia Cornwell joined us to talk about her latest book, The Scarpetta Factor. A holiday adventure featuring medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta on the trail of a serial killer. Santa Claus perhaps? Hannukah Harry? The New Year's Baby?

You've no doubt seen the big black billboards on Highway 41 with only a white "4" in the middle? Way down in the lower right corner of those billboards is a website address... The man behind that website, Rob Sax, stopped by to give us a little insight into his quest to "band Packer fans together" in anticipation of Brett Favre's Lambeau homecoming on November 1. Get your black armband and help out a great cause, as 100% of the proceeds goes directly to the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition.

Tony Meade unspooled long enough to give us reviews on this week's new releases. Jigsaw returns to beat a dead horse in Saw VI and Hilary Swank takes off in Amelia. Get more bloody fun with John C. Reilly in Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, and hang with a super robot kid voiced by Freddy Highmore in Astroboy. A full list of movies and showtimes presented by Pizza Ranch is online at

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 10/22 Live Blog

While it may not hold the excitement of Jesus appearing in a tortilla, Sue Church of North Carolina shared her amazing "Pork Chop Rudolph" with us this morning. Tasty and festive, it just needs a little applesauce to help Santa slide down the chimney. (oh, and in case you were wondering, Jon IS wearing the Packers jersey once again today...more photos coming tomorrow.)

Weekend Buzz took us on a damp tour of what's big around the South Valley this rainy weekend. Check out live music including Brian Wilson at the Pabst Theater on Saturday night, Zooloween Boo at the Menominee Park Zoo on Saturday morning, and the annual Women's Hockey Tournament at the Blue Line all weekend. Click on the Zen Body Salon Community Calendar at for more.

Shaye Areheart has written the new afterword to Michael Jackson's autobiography, Moonwalk. Shaye worked as Jacko's original editor when the book was first published by Doubleday, and joined us to reflect on his personal side and what his words say about him after his death. Find the special re-release now in stores.

K107.1 Relationship Guru Bob Buchicchio stopped in with tips on fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D. What are the symptoms and how does the winter-time depression affect your relationships? Check out Bob's book, Taking Space, and his new DVD series at his website.

We're broadcasting live this afternoon from the Shops at Woodlake to help kick off the Kohler Food & Wine Experience. Chef Ulrich Koberstein gave us a rundown of this year's events and it looks like the 2009 edition is the biggest yet. Go to for details and ticket info.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday 10/21 Live Blog

Ahhhhhh, nothin' like getting up in the morning and picking the same Packers jersey up off the floor and wearing it to work for the second day in a row. Very posh.

As we continue our march towards Halloween, author Ron Kolek helped get us in the spirit (pun alert!) with his new book, The Ghost Chronicles. Contact the dead and check out Ron's case files online...just make sure you don't accidentally slime yourself.

Dr. Feelgood made his monthly house call with knowledge on what to look out for as our weather puts us at greater risk for the airborne cold & flu bugs. Check out a check up with the doc and check it off your "to do" list.

Congrats to our girl Staci Z -- on her way to see Kelly Clarkson in VIP style this Friday night! Thanks to everyone who qualified, and a BIG shout out to Texture Salon for sponsoring our Kelly ticket giveaway.

K107.1 Wedding Expert Sharon Naylor gave us the scoop on fall-themed weddings. How does the menu, the venue, the dresses, change as the seasons get cooler? Get the details and find over 30 wedding books authored by Sharon at her website.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday 10/20 Live Blog

Back at work this morning after having an extra day to let the Lions' humiliating loss to your Green Bay Packers sink in, Jon has chosen the Charles Woodson #21 jersey to wear as he owns up to the outrageously foolish notion that his boys had a chance on Sunday. Click back later today for photographic evidence of the wackness.

A new you in just 10 minutes a day?!? "True dat," says Sean Foy, author of The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough. Get in the best shape of your life with Sean's 4-3-2-1 Interval Training Method. It's as easy as counting backwards!

Our Blockbuster New Release Tuesday finds Megan Fox battling Megatron in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and Michelle Pfeiffer battling Kathy Bates in Cheri. On the musical side of things, find new albums from Tim McGraw, Lyle Lovett, Flight of the Conchords, Joss Stone, and the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack.

Dermatologist to the stars Dr. David Colb stopped by to give us tips on winter-proofing our skin as the temperatures drop. Lotion, lotion, lotion...water, water, water...AND a great new product to prevent chapped lips from Nexcare. That's all you need.

Last call for Kelly Clarkson qualifiers! Tomorrow morning, we make one winner of VIP backstage passes for Kelly's concert this Friday night. Be the 7th caller anytime you hear a Kelly song and you're qualified....but do it today before it's too late!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday 10/19 At-Home Blog

Jon & Mary are off today (a cheer goes up from the crowd), but as you may have heard, the Packers rolled over Jon's Detroit Lions yesterday, 26-0. Check back to this spot every day this week for a new picture of Jon wearing his green & gold with a heavy heart and great humiliation...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday 10/16 Live Blog

The Detroit Lions invade Lambeau this weekend to do battle with your Green Bay Packers. As you can see, Jon (the last Lions fan standing in these parts) is already dressed and ready for the game. Coverage starts this Sunday at 10am with the kickoff at noon right here on K107.1.

How does Cash in a Flash sound? That's what we thought. Robert Allen joined us with tips on how to make money when nobody else is. What's the best path for you...real estate, home business, selling non-vital organs? Check out the book and get the answer.

The Service League of Fond du Lac has your chance to win stacks o' cash once again this holiday season. The 12 Days of Christmas Cash Raffle seems to come earlier every year, but you might as well get your tickets now from any Service League member. Just don't lose it over the next two months.

Our Johnsonville Packer Preview gave us a look at the slim chances for a Lions victory this weekend, and scored another lucky listener $25 worth of brats. Jon and Mary also made their annual Lions-Packers wager, and it goes like this: the loser (most likely Jon) will don the opposing team's jersey every day next week with photographic evidence posted to this very blog. Sounds like a rash waiting to happen.

Michael Showalter, co-star of Comedy Central's Michael & Michael Have Issues, is taking a more serious turn on an episode of Law & Order. He guest stars as a smarmy reality show producer type of dude and told us about his uncanny ability to go from comedy to drama so seamlessly. The episode airs tonight at 7 on NBC.

We wrapped up the show talking movies with Tony Meade and giving away a pair of passes to see whatever your heart desires. Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are finally makes it to the big screen, alongside Jamie Foxx & Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen, and Dylan Walsh in The Stepfather. Go to for a full list of shows and showtimes, presented by Pizza Ranch.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 10/15 Live Blog

It's a Random Tat Thursday!! (....applause....applause....) Let's take a moment to recognize Kelly from Indianapolis and her tribute to cinema's favorite astromech droid. Way to represent, girlfriend!

Weekend Buzz took us to the Family Discovery Gallery at The Paine for more Saturday fun, the Oshkosh Public Museum for the final weekend of the Era of Public Enemies exhibit, and a whole greasy bucket full of haunted events. Click the Zen Body Salon Community Calendar at for more.

John Anderson gave us a different perspective for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with his new book, Stand By Her: A Breast Cancer Guide for Men. Great advice for how to deal when the woman in your life gets that dreaded diagnosis.

Answering all your questions and confusion about H1N1 symptoms, vaccines, etc., a website made just for moms. Andra Davidson is the founder of and joined us to help navigate some of the concerns her users have had during flu season.

Mary T. Browne, K107.1's official Life Coach, gave us a refresher on The 5 Rules of Thought. Visit Mary online or pick up her book to begin manifesting your greatest hopes and we did. (you thought these plum radio jobs just fell out of the sky?!?)

Everyone from new parents to professional photographers have discovered the miracle of Blurb to design and publish their own books. Blurb PR director Michael Barash told us how to create coffee table books, scrapbooks, cookbooks, and more with a few clicks of ye olde mouse.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday 10/14 Live Blog

A website dedicated to ranking world leaders based on attractiveness has just released their results for 2009. If your money was on Yulia Tymoshenko, the 48-year-old Prime Minister of Ukraine, start the celebration! Clive Owen lookalike Jens Stoltenberg of Norway came in second, with President Barack Obama a distant 15th. If only Ronald Reagan were still in THAT was one hot dude!

Jeff Belanger returned to the show with the revised edtion of his Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. Find documentation on hundreds of haunts worldwide, new listings, and a directory of paranormal investigators. Share your own ghost stories and freaky-deaky experiences at Jeff's website.

The folks at Ripley's Believe It or Not! have released a new book just in time for Halloween frights. Ripley's Seeing Is Believing: A Yearbook of The Weird features nearly 250 pages of photos and stories detailing creepy encounters, kids who see dead people (not including Bruce Willis), and a Canadian guy covered in zombie tattoos. Click here to submit your own tales of the bizarre.

NY Times bestselling author Anthony Bozza chatted with us about his latest work, Why AC/DC Matters. A loving tome to what Anthony claims is "the greatest living rock band in history." Agree? Disagree? Check him out online to register your opinion and pick up a copy of the book.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday 10/13 Live Blog

Not since the days of She-Ra (and possibly Smurfette) has a female action figure had such toned arms! Add the new Michelle Obama figure to your collection in one of three ultra-stylish outfits. Just $12.99 each wherever finer First Lady products are sold.

A Blockbuster New Release Tuesday finds The Proposal on your local DVD shelf today, along with Will Ferrell in the mid-summer bomb Land of the Lost, and the 19-disc Futurama: The Complete Series box set. In the music aisle, pick up the new Neil Diamond Christmas album, A Cherry Cherry Christmas. New albums from Bowling For Soup, Five For Fighting, and a Hall & Oates box set are also in stores...but who really cares when we have new Neil to feast on?!?

The Cake Mix Doctor (alias Anne Byrn) returns to the show with 160 all-new recipes for all things cake related. The Cake Mix Doctor Returns includes everything from cupcakes to brownies to bundts to bars and is now in stores.

Our K107.1 Debt Diva, Clarky Davis, stopped by with tips for celebrating Halloween on a budget. In a word: pillowcase. Get more knowledge at Clarky's blog and find great Halloween events at

The final guest in a busy morning was Dr. Kim Hahn, author of Cooking to Conceive. What are the foods that will boost your fertility and help you get pregnant? The answers may surprise you. Dr. Hahn's book is now available in stores or online.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday 10/12 Live Blog

Happy Thanksgiving, eh? Gather ye shivering friends and family 'round yon succulent roasted loon.

Historian Bill Federer gave us a look at the "real" Christopher Columbus. What was his motivation? Why did he choose names like San Salvador for the lands he discovered? Did he realize we'd be sitting at home with no mail in celebration of his accomplishments? Find more fun facts with Bill and get a dose of his American Minute online.

Get rid of pests and spare the environment from those harmful chemicals with the first-of-its-kind green rodent repellent called Fresh Cab. Kari Warberg, founder of Earth-Kind, joined us to talk about her inspiration to start an environmentally-friendly company. Get more details and start getting rid of your furry guests at the Earth-Kind website.

It's a Halloween SPOOK-tacular costume party at the Children's Museum of Fond du Lac on Friday, October 30. Bring the kids and enjoy a day of play, art projects, candy, and more. A full listing of this and other Halloween Happenings are available by clicking your friendly neighborhood jack-o-lantern at

We stayed on that theme as we welcomed director Robbie Bryan to talk about his new film, iMurders. Gabrielle Anwar, William Forsythe, Charles Durning and Billy Dee Williams (!) provide the chills and thrills on DVD tomorrow.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday 10/9 Live Blog

The moment Moe Szyslak has been waiting for...on newsstands next week. (Thanks to TMZ for the exclusive pic.)

Our gal Mary is on a little field trip this morning, doing her part of the big show live from Lomira High School's Lion Cafe. October happens to be 'National Disability Employment Awareness Month,' and the Lion Cafe is run solely by LHS Special Education students. Bravo!

Former president of Swedish toy maker BRIO, Peter Reynolds stopped by to chat about his visit to Fay's Fun 'N Learning in Fond du Lac tomorrow starting at 10am. Peter will talk about the importance of exposing your children to a variety of play experiences to better promote learning and social skills (think about that the next time Junior puts Optimus Prime into the microwave). Call 920-929-7332 for more information.

Movie man Tony Meade popped in to give us a look at this week's only big new release, Couples Retreat, starring Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, and the great Jason Bateman. As always, movie listings and showtimes are online at

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday 10/8 Live Blog

Our girl Tina Fey pops up on the cover of this month's Harper's Bazaar. Among the highlights: Tina claims to practice "grave yoga," meaning the only time she'll actually do yoga is when she's in her grave. Hot.

Weekend Buzz took us around and around (and around) the South Valley to various scary stops and haunted happenings. Find a full list of weekend Halloween fun at

NY Times bestselling author Laura Day chatted about her latest work, How to Rule the World From Your Couch. Dare we dream of such a world? The basic lesson is this: reach deeper into yourself and use your intuition to improve everything in your life...including your couch.

Max Blumenthal planted himself deep undercover inside the Republican party during the 2008 elections, and the result is his controversial new book, Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement That Shattered the Party. You've seen Max on MSNBC, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and now with Jon & Mary in the Morning. How special.

K107.1 Lifestyle Diva Jerusha Stewart returned to the show to get us set for Halloween with chic costumes (her phrase) that'll get us more treats than tricks. Get your daily dose of Jerusha at her very stylish website.

Casting call! Casting call! The producers of Hell's Kitchen want YOU to be the next lazy slob getting ridiculed by Gordon Ramsey. Casting director Peter Huntley joined us with the details on the open call happening this Tuesday (10/13) at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. Good luck and be sure to bring your lucky oven mitts.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday 10/7 Live Blog

As the autumn winds howl and the cool weather blahs begin to creep in, we always find it theraputic to look at pictures of celebrities wearing hand puppets. It really seems to get us out of our funk. Featured this morning: Mel Gibson and his pal "Sugar Mitts."

Bob Friedland from Toys 'R' Us gave us an early jump on our holiday shopping with a list of 2009's hottest toys. It looks like our Toy Story friends are making a comeback for younger kids, and a very cool product called Mindflex made by Mattel for the older kids like Jon. Go to for more great ideas.

Our K107.1 Petspert, Dr. Ann Sosalla, stopped by to talk leptospirosis in dogs. Huh? Sounds complicated (we were barely even able to spell it), but if your dog gets'll be glad you're in the know.

Dr. Sean Foreman gave us an update on where we stand on the healtcare debate in D.C., President Obama's struggles getting us out of Afganistan, and the political fallout from whiffing on the 2016 Olympics. You'll find our K107.1 Political Analyst teaching at Barry University in sunshiney Florida.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday 10/6 Live Blog

Please just ignore that quivering mass in the corner. Jon's a little nervous about the Tigers-Twins game this afternoon ("baseball season is still going on?" asks Mary). While you may not care whether or not Detroit wins, think of it as an investment in the overall sanity of our nation.

Dr. Jenny Van Amburgh discussed common health issues being ignored during our economic drought. Pay now or pay later! says the good doc. Click here for details on Dr. Van Amburgh's area of expertise.

Another Blockbuster New Release Tuesday finds slim pickin's in both album and DVD debuts. Find the latest Toby Keith, Backstreet Boys, and Tokio Hotel in the CD racks. Year One starring Jack Black and Michael Cera is the lone highlight as far as new movies go.

How do you ask your Libra boss for a raise? What's the best way to romance a Scorpio on a first date? Is there a right way to discipline an Aries child? Gary Goldschneider had the answers for us in his latest book, Everyday Astrology: How to Make Astrology Work for You. Get more details and find the book at Gary's website.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday 10/5 Live Blog

We're not exactly sure of the details just yet, but the rumor persists that a certain team from Green Bay will face a certain Wrangler pitchman tonight on Monday Night Football. Unfortunately it seems no one is paying attention to this game, so we really don't know anything about this ex-Packer who claims "revenge is the furthest thing from my mind," and how he's treating this as "just another game." If only ESPN would talk about it just a wee bit more...

K107.1 Fitness Guru Lynn Roethke stopped by with scale in hand to evaluate our progress in the battle of the bulge. Without crunching the numbers here, let's just say the battle continues. Find Lynn and the tools to get your body on track in person at Club Olympia in Fond du Lac or online.

A special Monday edition of our Johnsonville Packer Preview made another winner of $25 in brats and got us set for the Pack under the dome in Minnesota. Catch the action starting with the pregame tonight at 5, followed by kickoff at 7:30 on K107.1.

Former cast member on MADtv and King of Queens, Nicole Sullivan joined us to talk about her Lifetime series, Rita Rocks. Season two is now underway Tuesday nights at 9:30. Get more Nicole news at Lifetime's website.

Dr. Howard Cutler is co-author of The Art of Happiness, now celebrating 10 years in print. Along with the Dalai Lama, Dr. Cutler has crafted a "handbook for living" with a message of hope that genuine happiness is an achievable goal. The 10th anniversary edition is now in stores.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday 10/2 Live Blog

John Travolta's extortion trial continues this week, and the testimony is getting to the point where it's a bit uncomfortable to listen to. But that's NOTHING compared to the "official" artist sketch that was released yesterday. How disturbing is this? Did the court suddenly realize they forgot to hire an artist and run down to the local bobblehead factory to get the intern to fill in? Sorry John. For everything.

Kevin Miller from the Windhover Center for the Arts in downtown Fond du Lac stopped by to give us a glimpse at their October calendar. Go to for details and ticket info.

Tony Meade made his regular Friday appearance to talk new movies. Drew Barrymore directs and stars in Whip It, Woody Harrelson hunts the undead in Zombieland, the great Ricky Gervais discovers a new talent in The Invention of Lying, and Michael Moore does his docu-thing in Capitalism: A Love Story. Go to for a full list of movies and showtimes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday 10/1 Live Blog

Going through our checklist now that September has ended: 1) send last minute requests to Great Pumpkin, 2) offer discount on our leftover Milwaukee Brewers 2009 World Series t-shirts, 3) wake up Green Day.

Weekend Buzz for the first weekend of October finds family fun at The Paine, opening night for A Theater of Lost Souls, an Arts & Crafts show in Fond du Lac, and a Gallery Walk in Oshkosh. Click the K107.1 Community Calendar for more.

Caitlin Friedman stopped by to help us attempt the impossible with her new book, Happy At Work, Happy At Home. It's the girl's guide to being a working mom, featuring the ins & outs of starting your own business, or thriving in your existing workplace...all while having a satisfying family life. Wow. Get the scoop at Caitlin's website.

The "Godfather of Fitness" Jack LaLanne joined us to talk about getting fat slobs in shape for over 60 years. Besides doing squat thrusts and selling juicers, 95-year-old Jack is the author of a new book, Live Young Forever, now in stores.