Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday 2/26 Live Blog

The shockwaves were felt throughout the mustache community yesterday as Jon finally put his nose buddy to sleep. Mary exclaimed, "oh, that looks so much better!" But does it? Does it really? It takes a certain type of man to pull off a 'stache, and Jon just doesn't measure up. Maybe in a parallel dimension somewhere, but not here..not now.

The Tripoli Shrine Circus has returned to Milwaukee this weekend, we had your final chance to win tickets. Also this weekend is Horicon Bank's Taste of Fond du Lac, and wouldn't you know we had tickets for that too. Find more weekend activity at

Raenell Halbur stopped in with details on the upcoming Fond du Lac Ag Showcase. The farm-friendly-fun returns to the Rec Building at the FDL Co. Fairgrounds on March 6.

Our final visit was from movie man Tony Meade talking new releases. This week, Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan team up for Cop Out (directed by the big fat Kevin Smith), and Timothy Olyphant stars in a remake of the 1973 horror flick The Crazies. Click on for a list of movies and showtimes presented by Fox Valley Wellness Center.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday 2/25 Live Blog

(...cue the violins) 'Twas a good week, but alas the time has come for Jon to remove his mustache and go back to being just another bald-faced goon blending into the crowd. Take one last look. It was a good run and our pal "Stachey" (or "The Stachemeister") will be missed.

Weekend Buzz took us on a tour of February's last stand in the South Valley. Jeanne Wagner from The Paine talked "Wacky Weavings" in the Family Discovery Gallery, and we hit the other highlights, including the Boys & Girls Club's Reach for the Stars event, Springs Fling, and Taste of Fond du Lac. Surf over to the K107.1 Community Calendar for more details.

Hairspray comes to the Milwaukee Theater next month and cast member Daniel Bentley (he plays Gilbert) joined us to talk about the show. Catch the adventures of pleasantly plump teenager Tracy Turnblad with FREE tickets from K107.1 now through March 5.

Brian Carter gave us the rundown on Lenten seafood specials. Click here for the full list or give Mr. C a call at 517-TUNA.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday 2/24 Live Blog

Following the whirlwind sensation that was the debut of Jon's mustache on yesterday's show, listener demand has dictated we post an actual photo of said facial hair on this morning's blog. However, after several unsuccessful attempts (is it the camera or the camera operator?), we instead present the best "celebrity representation" of Jon's cookie duster...the great Ron Swanson of the Pawnee Parks & Rec Department. Thanks for the save, Ronny Boy!

The magic of the Tripoli Shrine Circus returns to Milwaukee's U.S. Cellular Arena this weekend. We're making winners of family 4-packs all this week!

Dr. Jeff Junig took time out of his busy schedule to talk "feelings" with us in the studio. Like the feeling you have while out in public with a big, manly mustache? Not quite. More like making sense of feeling overwhelmed and converting it to a practical 'set' of feelings -- mad, glad, sad, etc. Find Dr. J online and in person in downtown Fond du Lac.

Winter skin can be irritating for most, but downright dangerous for diabetics. Dr. Janis Roszler discussed ways to enjoy the cold weather without the worry. Click here to get the facts and be prepared before your next excursion into the great outdoors.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday 2/23 Live Blog

It's hard to believe, but International Pancake Day has arrived once again with all the sticky excitement a short stack can provide. Stop in to your local IHOP for a few freebies and tell 'em Jon & Mary said "hi."

Nick 'n Willy's New Release Tuesday finds a few DVDs worth your time on the shelf today. Matt Damon stars as The Informant!, Cameron Diaz hesitates to open The Box, Robert DeNiro hopes to find out that Everybody's Fine, and the great Bull Shannon returns in Night Court: Season 3. Musically, pick up new releases from Johnny Cash (!), George Jones, Alkaline Trio, and The Wolfman soundtrack.

Dr. Peter Pronovost is on a quest to change healthcare from the inside out. He joined us with the story of how he found a simple way to save countless lives, as detailed in his new book, Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals. Get the facts at the doc's website and find the book now in stores.

TV-certified braniac Dr. Daniel Amen chatted about his breakthrough approach to harnessing the brain's power to improve your body's overall appearance and function. His latest work, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, helps you navigate your noggin and identify the unique areas in you that need improvement.

Springs Fling returns to UW-Fond du Lac this weekend, benefiting St. Mary's Springs Academy. Just $40 gets you in for all the fun this Saturday night. Click here for more.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday 2/22 Live Blog

Father of our country George Washington celebrates his 278th birthday today, and we dust off our powdered wigs and polish our wooden teeth with great George-themed prizes! Listen all morning for your chance to win rare wallet-sized Washington engravings printed on linen and Washington reliefs carved out of an exclusive copper-nickel blend!

Megan Del Debbio from the Oshkosh Public Museum stopped in with a look at their new exhibit, Snapshots of History: Oshkosh 100 Years Ago. See the development of the historic city on the water in more than 50 panoramic photographs. Check out the museum website for more details, and see the exhibit on display now through May 23.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday 2/19 Live Blog

As we enter the final week of February, a friendly reminder that it's not too late to get back to your 2010 resolutions! If you fell off the wagon (whether the food, cigarette, alcohol, or reality TV wagon), get back on! Let our very own Mary McGuire be your inspiration as she is carried out of the studio and off to the gym yesterday to resume her workout regimen. We believe in you, girl!

Lyndsey Parker from Yahoo! Music joined us for another in-depth chat about American Idol. It's down to 24...who got lucky? who got screwed? Keep up with the drama at Lyndsey's blog and every Friday with Jon & Mary in the Morning.

Hops & Props returns to the South Valley on March 6. Matt Miller gave us the tasty details and a few tickets to give away. Click here for a look at the fun coming to the EAA AirVenture Museum next month.

Our final guest for a Friday was Tony Meade with a look at today's new releases. Leonardo DiCaprio teams up with Martin Scorsese once again for Shutter Island, and Ewan McGregor is The Ghost Writer (in limited release). Check out movies listings and showtimes presented by Fox Valley Wellness Center at

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday 2/18 Live Blog

The Dude hooked up with Travis Bickle in L.A. yesterday. An afternoon of bowling, yelling at mirrors, and White Russians led to the bonding you see here. Very cool.

Weekend Buzz took us through the hotspots in another South Valley weekend. Don't forget the BIG fun happens at Kearns Motor Cars "Cash for Junkers" sale today through Saturday at the Fond du Lac Co. Fairgrounds.

K107.1 is once again a proud sponsor of Horicon Bank's Taste of Fond du Lac, coming February 28. Listen for your chance to win tickets now though the big day, and click here to get your menu planned out.

Dr. Kathy Magliato took us through her new book, Healing Hearts: A Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon. February is Heart Health Awareness Month, and over 41 million women in the U.S. are currently living with some form of heart disease. That shocking number can and needs to be reduced. Pick up the book now in stores.

The Boys & Girls Club is hosting their 2nd annual Reach for the Stars Celebrity Auction on Friday, February 26. Just $50 gets you a tasty dinner and a chance to win great prizes while bidding on items donated by Peyton Manning, Robin Yount, Betty White, Clint Eastwood, and more. Call Dan at 920.924.0530 for details and tickets.

Also happening next weekend is the always festive Springs Fling at UW-Fond du Lac. Jeff Cox from Wine Maniacs chatted about some of the lovely offerings available on Saturday, February 27. Call Jennifer at 920.948.7621 for details and tickets (this is a recording).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday 2/17 Live Blog

A round of applause if you please as Lady Gaga makes her first appearance on what also happens to be the 300th Jon & Mary in the Morning blog entry! We welcome Miss G and offer our sincere apologies that Jon is wearing the exact same outfit she wore to last night's Brit Awards. Oops.

Our girl Mary returned from her Valentines Day/Presidents Day/Fat Tuesday vacation and went right into the dentist's chair at Mauthe & Associates. We checked in as she got the gas and then the cosmetic procedure on her teeth. Click back to this blog in the next week for Mary's before and after photos, and find more info on getting your own work done at Dr. Mauthe's website.

Another winner off to see Think Floyd at the Weill Center in Sheboygan next month. America's premiere Pink Floyd tribute band plays one big show on March 20. Tickets are now on sale and great seats are still available (but only if you're willing to sit on the dark side of the moon).

Authors/brothers Chip and Dan Heath joined us to talk about leaving your comfort zone. Their new book, Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, puts the focus on you to generate the change in your life rather than continuing to rely on outside sources. Especially helpful when it comes to your underwear.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday 2/16 Live Blog

Who better to help us celebrate Mardi Gras than Avatar Gary Busey? There was really no doubt that he was from another planet, at least now we know his home base is the lush and lovely Pandora. Nice.

Nick 'n Willy's New Release Tuesday gave us a full dose of what's new today in movies and music. On DVD, Gerard Butler is a Law Abiding Citizen, Chris Rock has Good Hair, and the long-awaited Small Wonder: Season 1 hits stores. You can also check out new album drops from Wu-Tang Clan, Solas, Matthew Ryan, and Story of the Year.

Entertain children of all ages with help from grandma! Author (and experienced granny) Sharon Lovejoy shared the secret of getting through to today's plugged-in youth and gave us a look at her new book, Grandma's Bag of Tricks: Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars. It captures all the fun of hanging with grandma without the old lady smell.

K107.1 Numerologist Tania Gabrielle crunched the numbers as they relate to the John Edwards scandal, the tragedy in Haiti, and various other world events. What do your numbers say about your future? Visit Tania online and sign up for her FREE Celebrity Numerology Newsletter.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day 2/15 Live Blog

Government workers nationwide take a well-deserved day of rest and relaxation today as Presidents Day 2010 is finally here. Let's hope you remembered to hang those stockings by the chimney with care in the hopes that Millard Fillmore would soon be there.

NY Times bestselling author Temple Grandin joined us to chat about her newest book, Animals Make Us Human. The follow-up to her groundbreaking Animals in Translation is now in stores. You can also catch the new film Temple Grandin starring Claire Danes airing all month on HBO.

K107.1 Psychic Medium Susan Anderson made her monthly visit and took your phone calls regarding life, love, business, and the dearly departed. If you weren't able to get through or would like a more in-depth reading, click here to find Susan and her daughter Christine online.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday 2/12 Live Blog

Tonight, boys and girls across the land will nestle all snug in their beds, as visions of speared sturgeon dance in their heads. Jon & Mary broadcast their entire show this morning from the surface of Lake Winnebago in anticipation of the 2010 season opening bright and early tomorrow at 6:30 in the a.m. (as you can see from the photo, we spared no expense in coordinating our outfits).

Thanks to our host Dean Tighe, spearing expert Winnebago Bob, DNR sturgeon god Ron Bruch, and all of our various guests and well-wishers. If only we can keep Mary from falling into the hole, it shall be deemed a successful morning.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday 2/11 Live Blog

The big news this morning? Hooters is for sale! Like, the WHOLE thing. Every chicken wing, every pair of orange shorts, everything must go! Seems they bit off more than they could chew with that whole Las Vegas casino idea, putting them almost $150 million in debt. Let their loss be your gain! Makes a great last-minute Valentine's gift for that special man in your life...

Weekend Buzz took us on a romantic tour of the South Valley, including the opening of "A Colorful Collection" at The Paine. Surf over and click on the K107.1 Community Calendar for more info and events.

Former FBI agent Noah Boyd joined us with his new novel, The Bricklayer. Based on his real-life experiences tracking serial killers over a 20 year careeer, Boyd tells the story through the eyes of the hunky Steve Vail. Look for the book now in stores and online.

Day 4 of Valentine's week made TWO winners of a lovely Botanicals bouquet for their sweeties, and we also chatted with dating expert Dr. Diana Kirschner about her new book, Love in 90 Days. Find your very own true love as Dr. K guides you through men/women behavior patterns, tips for online dating, and more.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday 2/10 Live Blog

And once again Old Man Winter (still politically correct?) rears his (her?) ugly head, resulting in a sled full of 2-hour delays at area schools. Click on for a full list presented by Dan Price at AirTech Heating of Fond du Lac.

Day 3 of Valentine's Week and another lovely bouquet given away from Botanicals on Main. Call Patrick NOW to take advantage of free delivery this Friday.

In other VDay news, Dr. Luisa Dillner joined us with the scoop on uncovering "love by the numbers." Her book, You Can Count on Cupid, guides you through your entire love life...from first date to seven year itch to forever after. Awwwwwww....

Greg Campbell gave us an inside look at his new book, Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History. The perfect crime, the imperfect getaway. Get the book and more from Greg online.

The DNR's lead sturgeon biologist Ron Bruch stepped into our little studio-shanty and gave us the history of sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago. The 2010 season opens this Saturday. Click here for a list of new rules and regulations (and a possible Bloody Mary recipe or two), or get Ron's daily newsletter by e-mailing him at

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday 2/9 Live Blog

A Winter Storm Warning will bring another 7-9" of snow howling across our listening area through tomorrow morning. Keep it on K107.1 and click on for updates on closings, cancellations, and delays presented by AirTech Heating. (oh....and if your local postal worker can make it to your mailbox, the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue comes out today featuring Brooklyn Decker on the cover....enjoy.)

Business strategist Larry Myler joined us with tips on how to make yourself Indespensible by Monday. Learn the profit-producing behaviors that will help your company and (more importantly) yourself. Larry is online and his book is now in stores.

Day 2 of Valentine's Week made another winner of a lovely Botanicals bouquet and welcomed author Amy Spencer to the show. Amy has written an "optimistic guide" to finding your perfect match called Meeting Your Half Orange. Study the 6 phases for planting the seeds of success for love and be ready for Valentine's Day 2011.

Julie Wilson from Shut Up and Dance stopped in with a great gift idea for The Big V lessons! Get details and sign up by letting your mouse do the cha-cha over to Julie's website.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday 2/8 Live Blog

Betty White, The Simpsons, Carrie Underwood, Brett Favre, Bud Light (x12), Go Daddy, The Saints Win (?!?), The Griswolds, Lance Armstrong, Tighty Whities, The Who, Tim Tebow, Sock Monkey, and The Green Police among the hi/lowlights of Super Bowl Sunday. The most memorable about a Dave-Oprah-Jay sandwich? Read about how that meeting came together here and see all the commericals again here.

K107.1 Fitness Guru Lynn Roethke from Club Olympia gave us tips to stay motivated and keep those New Year's resolutions for a change. Visit Lynn online or in person on Camelot Drive in Fond du Lac.

We're getting Comfortably Numb all this week with your chance to win tickets to see Think Floyd USA at the Weill Center in Sheboygan. America's premiere Pink Floyd tribute band plays one show on Saturday, March 20.

We kicked off Valentine's week (wait, it's a whole week now?) with tickets to Love is in the Air presented by the Fond du Lac Community Theater this weekend and made our first winner of "A Bouquet A Day" from Botanicals Floral Studio. Consider this your 6 day warning that Cupid will be climbing down your chimney this Sunday.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday 2/5 Live Blog

Ah, the tingle that comes with another Super Bowl weekend. The anticipation! The excitement! The Who! The Chee-tos! The official pick from Jon & Mary in the Morning is: the Colts over the Saints, 37-24. As always, we strongly discourage wagering on the game (but if you need to drop a couple of nickels or dimes, we know a guy who keeps an office in a van down by the river).

Dr. Jan Hoistad got us an early prep for Valentine's Day with her latest book, Romance Rehab: 10 Steps to Rescue Your Relationship. Turn conflict into creativity and work together to bring back the spark. Click here for more tips.

Consider this your FINAL REMINDER that the first annual Fond du Lac Brewfest happens tomorrow at the Fond du Lac Co. Fairgrouds Expo Building. Over 60 microbrews from across the state under one roof and advance tickets just $25 at

Tony Meade wrapped up our Friday with a look at what's new at your local cineplex. A chrome-domed John Travolta sends greetings From Paris with Love and Channing Tatum romances Amanda Seyfried in Dear John. Click on for a full list of area movies and showtimes presented by Fox Valley Wellness Center.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday 2/4 Live Blog

We'll have the official Jon & Mary Super Bowl XIV Prediction tomorrow morning (SPOILER ALERT: Mary has a big-time crush on Peyton Manning and Jon was once kicked by a mule), but we really can't avoid the hype this morning...especially when you realize this could mean a major comeback for 90's girly group All Saints. We wish them the best versus the Colts this Sunday.

Weekend Buzz took us around the South Valley for big February fun, including Fond du Lac Brewfest on Saturday and more family activities at The Paine. Click on the K107.1 Community Calendar for all the info.

Dr. Mary Jane (actual name) Minkin joined us with breaking news in pregnancy testing. Know sooner and get more accurate results! Visit the doc online for more.

Pursapalooza 2010 comes up Thursday, February 18 and the fabulous Miss Kay stopped in with the details. Tickets are now on sale for a full evening of fashion, food and entertainment at 920.926.1414. Proceeds benefit the Volunteer Center of Fond du Lac County.

Wall Street Journal reporter Scott Patterson gave us a look at his new book, The Quants: How a New Breed of Math Whizzes Conquered Wall Street & Nearly Destroyed It. A fascinating read for nerds and non-nerds alike, now available in stores and online.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday 2/3 Live Blog

We haven't had an official "Jon & Mary in the Morning Movie Guarantee" in a while, but if you'd really like to get the blood flowing to your thumbs on a cold winter night, run out and rent The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. A very inspiring tale that follows one man's quest to break the all-time hi-score in Donkey Kong and the evil record holder who isn't willing to go quietly (how does that grab you?). As always with the J&M movie guarantee, your full money back if you aren't completely satisified with the viewing experience (offer not valid in the continental United States).

Disney on Ice makes the first of two stops in our area this weekend at the U.S. Cellular Arena in Milwaukee. We've got your chance to win tickets all this week, and then next week listen for your tickets to the show when it moves to the Resch Center in Green Bay.

K107.1 pet-spert Dr. Ann Sosalla joined us to help celebrate February's Pet Dental Health Month. Cure problems with halitosis in your doggie or kitty (or hamster?) and make them the envy of the neighborhood. Get more with Dr. Ann at Companion Animal Care in the FDL.

Our final guest was Spinal Tap fan Kevin Miller from the Windhover Center for the Arts in downtown Fond du Lac. What's BIG this month at the Windhover? Find details and purchase tickets online.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day 2/2 Live Blog

Breaking news out of Punxsutawney, PA this morning where our buddy Phil DID see his shadow, meaning we can expect another six weeks of winter. Or does that forecast only apply to folks in Pennsylvania? Or only to folks in Punxsutawney? Or only to Bill Murray?

Shinedown plays the Brown Co. Arena in Green Bay next Tuesday, February 9 with special guests Puddle of Mudd and Skillet. We made our first big winner of floor seats this morning -- keep listening all week for your next chance to win with K107.1.

UPDATE: Jimmy the Groundhog in Sun Prairie DID NOT see his shadow, meaning an early spring for those of us in Wisconsin. That's more like it..

Clarky Davis, the K107.1 Debt Diva popped in with tips on saving money on Valentine's Day. Stay frugal & fabulous by focusing on homemade gifts, memories, and having that romantic dinner at home instead of overpaying for bling, candy, flowers, and dining out. Just be aware of the consequences if you decide to take this route.

Oscar nominees were announced this morning. Check out a full list with our website entertainment partners at E! Online.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday 2/1 Live Blog

It may be a day early, but the word from last night's Grammy Awards is that yes, our girl Pink DID see her shadow while dangling from the ceiling drenched in an unknown clear liquid. We'll see if Phil concurs with that assessment tomorrow morning....

We kicked off February by helping Angel and Maranda from Snap Fitness kick off their annual Biggest Loser competition. While your initial thought may be, "wow, Jon is a total lock to win that thing," it actually refers to weight loss, not social status. Click here for more details or stop in to either Snap location in Fond du Lac.

The first ever Fond du Lac Brewfest comes to the FDL Co. Fairgrounds this Saturday. Over 60 Wisconsin micro-brews, food, live music, and more. Get tickets in advance for just $25 at and keep listening all this week for your next chance to win.

Dr. Christopher Mohr from Men's Fitness Magazine joined us with the 4 nutritional advances most likely to end heart disease in America. Thanks to scientific breakthroughs, we're well on our way to reducing the number of deaths brought on by heart attack or stroke. Put down the Ding-Dong, pick up the apple, and find more online.