Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday 4/30 Live Blog

Our second BIG birthday of the week finds the great Willie Nelson turning 77 today (light applause). Have a great day, Willie...and be sure to tuck your braids behind that bandana before you attempt to blow out any candles. We don't need any unintentional smoking going on aboard your tour bus.

Dating expert Virginia Vitzthum gave us a few crazy true stories of dates gone wrong in her latest effort, My Blind Date Went Blind! A collection of 50 stories that would make Chuck Woolery blush, you'll find the book now in stores.

Renee Webb from the Fond du Lac Humane Society joined us in-studio to chat about next weekend's Pawsatively-A-Hair-Ball. The biggest and bestest fundraiser of the year happens at Whispering Springs Golf Club on Saturday, May 8th. Tickets just $40 at the door, or call 920.922.8873.

It's a local band comprised entirely of cops...Hot Pursuit plays at the Windhover on May 7, and Walleye Weekend later this summer. The boys in blue joined us to talk about how the band came together and what sort of music they play (besides "Bad boys, bad boys..whatcha gonna do..").

We wrapped up with a look at what's new in theaters tonight. Jackie Earle Haley resurrects Freddie Kruger in A Nightmare on Elm Street and Brendan Fraser battles wildlife in Furry Vengeance. Click on for a full list of area movies and showtimes.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 4/29 Live Blog

On the way into the studio this morning, we were wished a "happy Feast Day!" by one of our more diligent and pious co-workers. Apparently, this is some sort of traditional day of eating in the Christian faith? We're kind of clueless about the whole thing, but hey, any excuse to dip into that bag of Chee-tos, right?

Weekend Buzz took us around the South Valley for the first big events in the month of May. A Colorful Collection continues at The Paine, along with a host of other activities on the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at

Author and gourmand Mireille Guiliano joined us with the follow-up to her French Women Don't Get Fat series, The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook. A collection of delicious, healthy recipes and advice on eating well without gaining weight. The book is now in stores and online.

Local musician Kip Jones stopped into the studio to chat about his set (or is that gig?) this Saturday night at Cool River in Fond du Lac. Catch live music every weekend, karaoke on Wednesdays, and Happy Hour every afternoon from 3 to 7.

Harness your inner Mommy Power and be the best darn mom you can be! Dr. Shelia Schuller Coleman showed us how to discover our Mommy Strength and what it means to be a strong and powerful motherly influence.

Brian Carter wrapped up the show with his tasty take-out specials at Fond du Lac Seafood. Click here to see the menu and a rundown of what's fresh this weekend. As always, you can visit Brian in person on Main Street, or call 517-TUNA.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday 4/28 Live Blog

Full moon fever for a Wednesday as we enjoy our 4th full phase of 2010. As usually happens, Jon has grown so much hair he's being mistaken for Sasquatch and/or Jamie Farr.

Stacy Morrison is the Editor-in-Chief of Redbook magazine and the author of Falling Apart in One Piece. She joined us to take us through her journey from the pain of divorce to the rewarding new life she now enjoys. Lovely.

Our resident shrinkologist, Dr. Jeff Junig stopped by with a look at the connection between depression and...chocolate?!? According to a study, those who eat more of the brown stuff may be more depressed than those who eat lesser amounts. Disturbed? Call Dr. J or stop in to see him in downtown Fond du Lac.

Get Nuts in the Kitchen with award-winning author Susan Herrmann Loomis, who took us on a tour of her latest cookbook. Over 100 recipes for every taste and occasion, incorporating every kind of nut known to man. Perfect for that hard-to-buy-for squirrel on your gift giving list.

Spring time is a busy time for pet adoptions. What are the do's and don'ts of picking out the perfect pooch or kitty? Dan Dye, founder of Three Dog Bakery and author of Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale, gave us a few tips. After you've done your homework, visit your local humane society to make a special connection.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday 4/27 Live Blog

This morning's long-distance dedication salutes Michigan native and radio legend (sound familiar?) Casey Kasem. Casey climbs one notch to number 78 this week. Our warmest birthday wishes go out to one of our favorites wherever he may, on with the countdown.

A Nick-n-Willy's New Release Tuesday gets you Meryl Streep in It's Complicated and Heath Ledger's final performance in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus on DVD. In the CD aisle, pick up new drops from Melissa Etheridge, Peter Frampton, Hole, Jim Brickman, and Lonestar.

We delved into the dirty world of celebrity gossip with Mean Betty from Check out original content for ladies of all ages on the web's leading online women's magazine.

What does your baby need you to know? Child development expert Penelope Leach translates all those "goo-goo, gaa-gaa" noises in her new book, The Essential First Year. Why is it crucial that parents think about their baby's first year even before birth? What does the latest post-natal research say about feeding and brain development? Find the answers in stores now.

Stephanie Chandler joined us with advice on cultivating a small business in today's economic climate. Her latest work, LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business says the key is to maintain a strong social network and a good relationship with fellow small business owners. Click here for those details and how to win up to $5000 in marketing support.

Former advisor to President Clinton and current talking head on Fox News, Dick Morris stopped by to promote his book, 2010: Take Back America. Dick talked about his strategy for making this year's election season a victory over big government. All that passion and still 7 months 'til the big day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday 4/26 Live Blog

Out of our Monday Moanin' minds as computer problems again plague the K107.1 studios. We ask for your continued patience. Operators are standing by...

The founder of WomenCertified, Delia Passi, joined us with a rundown of the top issues facing female consumers today. Embrace the recession! Skip the gym! Recover from your credit crisis! Those tips and more at Delia's website.

Dr. Randy Frost chatted with us about "compulsive collectors," also known as hoarders. In his new book, Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, he gets to the bottom of this phenonmenon, which is far more widespread and troubling than originally thought.

We're now less than two weeks 'til Mother's Day, and our friends at C.W. Smith Jewelers are getting your mom set up with a little bling just in time for the big day. Click over to for details and make mom a star.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday 4/23 Live Blog

With the 23rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select... Bryan Bulaga, OT from Iowa. You might be asking, "Who?" We don't blame you, but this young man has Green Bay Packers written all over his face. Well, not literally of course. At least not until his rookie hazing begins during training camp. Welcome to the team Bulaga and make sure you keep Mr. Aaron Rodgers on his feet this year!

We talked with Jill Zarin from Bravo's hit show, "The Real Housewives of New York City" about her new book, "The Secrets of a Jewish Mother."

We also spoke with Lisa from the Humane Society of Fond du Lac about their adopt and shop at Animal Outfitters tomorrow and their upcoming Pawsitively a Hair Ball on May 8th.

Earth Day 4/22 Live Blog

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Replenish. Restore. Simple steps to follow on this 40th Earth Day, but should you choose to ignore that advice, don't come crying to us when the ghost of John Denver gives you an Earth Day wedgie from the great beyond.

Weekend Buzz took us around the South Valley for the final Saturday & Sunday of April. Check out the Family Discovery fun at The Paine, and a fistful of other events on the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at

Clarky Davis, the K107.1 Debt Diva, joined us with details on The Great Money Makeover Contest to help "bail out" struggling consumers. Enter in one of three categories for a chance to win a one-on-one consultation with the Diva herself!

We went under the sea to find out what's fresh at Fond du Lac Seafood. Brian Carter had the fish facts and a look at his ever-popular take out menu. Click here for more, or call 517-TUNA.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday 4/21 Live Blog

Our temperatures take a dip over the next few days in the South Valley, so why not think warm(er) thoughts with our pal George Clooney, spotted recently on the beach with his current squeeze, Elizabeth. If you look closely, you'll notice George is sporting the iconic Olde English D on his Detroit Tigers hat. Could there possibly be a Magnum, P.I. movie in the works? Hmm...

Directly from HGTV's Wasted Spaces, Karl Champley showed us how to turn our basement, garage, or attic into a home bar. Create the Ultimate Man Cave in a few easy steps and enter to win a home bar makeover worth $10,000! Click here for details.

Eating the right breakfast will help you lose body fat and reshape your body. Dr. Chris Mohr had the facts with seven 5-minute tummy-trimming breakfast ideas. Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and hardboiled eggs are among the menu highlights. Surf over to for more tips and FREE samples.

Fat kids? Weight Watchers' new book, Eat! Move! Play! A Parent's Guide for Raising Healthy, Happy Kids, may be just what you need. Dr. Lisa Thornton has worked with WW to put together a comprehensive plan that will empower you to become a healthy role model for your children, including the five vital elements to a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday 4/20 Live Blog

As our global Earth Week celebration continues, we shift our focus this morning from Mother Nature to Mother Carson. Jon's mom celebrates the BIG 3-9 once again, and we send our best wishes to her and everyone else lucky enough to be blowing out the candles today (everyone except you, Adolf Hitler).

A Nick-n-Willy's New Release Tuesday finds the great Jeff Bridges starring in Crazy Heart on DVD today. You'll also find The Lovely Bones, Xena: Season One, and Avatar (on Thursday) in stores. Musically, pick up new drops from RATT, Cypress Hill, Willie Nelson, and the Iron Man 2 soundtrack.

Get over yourself! Dr. Warren Seiler stopped by with a look at narcissism, how it affects you, those around you, and especially your children. The good doctor's book, Battling the Enemy Within, details all sorts of inner struggles that lead to unhappiness, and offers solutions to win the "battle."

Dr. Darold Treffert will be appearing at Marian University's Stayer Center next week launching his new book, Islands of Genius. Dr. Treffert has worked with savants worldwide, including Kim Peek, the inspiration for Rain Man. Get a copy of the book at the presentation on Wednesday, April 28 at 6pm.

32 years ago, Joe Piscatella underwent triple bypass surgery. The fact that he joined us this morning makes him the longest living survivor of the procedure, as detailed in his book, Positive Mind, Healthy Heart. Get a daily boost with 365 secrets behind Joe's heart-health success.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday 4/19 Live Blog

The 114th running of the Boston Marathon happens this wicked Monday morning. Sad to report that because of his recent divorce proceedings, this is the first that Larry King will be sitting out. That collection of 113 "participant" ribbons will seem a bit incomplete somehow.

Lifestyle expert Tara Aronson joined us with ways to get set for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, coming up this Thursday. Celebrate by going green and saving the green around the house, around the office, and with the kids. Click over to Tara's website for more.

What does being a doctor teach a person about love, faith, and healing? Dr. Larry Levitt had the answer as he discussed his book, Uncommon Wisdom. Stories of the humanity of medicine in real-life doctor and patient interactions.

Susan Anderson was our final guest for another Medium Monday. Susan answered your questions about life, love, work, money, and the spirits that guide you. For a full reading from Susan or to buy her book, check out her website. Susan will be back with Jon & Mary in the Morning the third Monday of every month.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday 4/16 Live Blog

With Jon Carson sleeping off an AC/DC hangover at the Bradley Center, Joey T is once again in with Mary on a Friday to help keep the morning show from taking a "Highway to Hell." Haha, see what we did there? Anywho, it's another beautiful weekend in the South Valley and if you're looking for some great events to fill the holes in your schedule, check out the Air Tech Heating Community Calendar at

We've got your hook-up for Indigo Girls tickets at their Earth Day show in Sheboygan at the Weill Center. We're not stopping at tickets though, we're also going to throw in dinner at the Highland House before or after the show! Listen all next week for your next chance to win.

Donna Kohnke and her daughter Courtney came in to give us the details on "One Hit Wonders" performed at the Fond du Lac Blue Line Family Ice Center by the Fond du Lac Figure Skating Club on Saturday, April 24th at 1:30 and 6:30pm and Sunday, April 25th at 1:30pm. For more information check out their website.

The "Tall Boy" is back! Schlitz Brand Manager Jason Kelly gave us the update on the classic 16 ounce can for "the beer that made Milwaukee famous." For all the tastey goodness, check out their website.

Michael Trachtman, author of "The Four Mistakes: Avoiding the Legal Landmines that Lead to Business Disaster" gave us some previews on a couple of those mistakes so you can get a leg up on the competition. For more details, head over to Michael's website.

Tony Meade from the Fond du Lac Theatre and Forest Mall Cinema dropped in for another edition of K107.1 Theatre. Get your movie times at

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday 4/15 Live Blog

Tax Day and the livin' is easy. Hollywood goes crazy with the break-ups following Jim Carrey's dumping of Jenny McCarthy over the weekend. Melissa Etheridge announces she and wife Tammy are calling it quits...Mel Gibson is moving on from baby-mama Oksana...and Larry King getting a divorce from wife number 7?!? What's next, John Tesh dating Oprah? Oh wait...

Weekend Buzz took us 'round & 'round the South Valley to find the hottest of the hot spots. A Colorful Collection continues at The Paine through May 9, among a slew of other events and activities. Details are yours on the Air Tech Heating Community Calendar at

National Library Week continues and bookmeister Ken Hall, director of the Fond du Lac Public Library, joined us with the local funtime rundown. Click on for anything you might have missed, and tell Dewey Decimal we said hello.

The Weill Center in Sheboygan hosts a very (very) special Earth Day concert one week from tonight. We gave away our first pair of tickets to see the Indigo Girls live on stage, along with dinner at the Highland House. Listen for your next chances to win now through April 22.

K107.1 Beauty Queen Jackie Silver joined us with a look at keeping your tootsies their prettiest this summer. For more tips on putting your best foot forward, check out Jackie's website.

Brian Carter wrapped up this morning's show in tasty fashion. Get Brian's take out menu and a full list of what's fresh in the case at Fond du Lac Seafood online, in person on Main Street, or by calling 517-TUNA.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday 4/14 Live Blog

Jon returns to the program this morning a happily married man. Big thanks to Joey T for keeping the headphones warm last week.

Australian mum Karen Gatt was our first guest this morning with details of how she went from flab to fab following The Clothesline Diet. Change your life just like Karen did with her easy and no nonsense eating and excercise program.

Are you hot? Are you pregnant? Are you...dare we ask? and pregnant? Jessica Denay joined us to chat about her new guide, The Hot Mom-To-Be Handbook. All the bare essentials on how to do it, how to strut it, and where to buy it. Click here for Jessica's blog and more helpful & funny tips.

Jay Sean comes to Marian University next Thursday, April 22. We had your first chance to win tickets this morning and continue the love right up to the big show. Go to the Marian box office in person or online for more details.

Our final guest calls herself "The Sexy Nutritionist" and gave us the scoop on her Eat Sexy, Lose Weight diet program. Former Mrs. California Jenny Lee says it IS possible for all women to eat sexy, be sexy, and feel sexy just by eating the right foods. Grandma, are you listening?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday 4/9 Live Blog

While Tiger returns to his game at the Masters this weekend, Jon Carson is leaving his own game in Florida. That's right, ol' JC is getting hitched! Our wedding gift to Jon? A nice pair of thermal socks to help him get over his cold feet. Anyone know the over/under for him going through with it?

It's Autism Awareness Month, and we spoke with Dr. Robert Sears about, "The Autism Book" and the many misconceptions, symptoms and treatments about Autism.

Renee Webb from the FDL Area Humane Society came by to give us the details on volunteer opportunities as well as their upcoming event Pawsitively a Hair Ball on May 8th at Whispering Springs Golf Course. If you're looking for reservations call 920-922-8873.

Tony Meade made his regularly scheduled Friday visit for K107.1 Theatre as we gave away yet another pair of passes to the Fond du Lac Theatre and Forest Mall Cinema. For movie listings across the South Valley, hit up

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday 4/8 Live Blog

Jessica Simpson has decided to pose for Marie Claire magazine, "au naturale" without any airbrushing or touch ups. Her message? To make girls around the world feel comfortable about their bodies. What message is actually delivered? Go ahead and don't wear make-up, so long as massive mammories are showing!

We checked in with Jean Wagner of The Paine Art Center and Gardens and discussed this Saturday's Family Discovery Gallery. Get more details on this weekend's buzz at our online edition of the Air Tech Heating Community Calendar.

Stacy Horn filled us in on her latest book, "Unbelievable: Investigations Into Ghosts" and all the research that's gone into finding evidence about the paranormal. Check out the details on Stacy at her website.

Laura Munson came home from work one day and her husband told her he wasn't sure that he was still in love with her. How did she take it? You can find out in her book, "This Is Not the Love Story You Think It Is" and get more info at her website.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday 4/7 Live Blog

With Jon Carson off on his "Wedding-Moon," Joey T is steppin' up and adding in his own flavor of "Nerd Charm" for Mary to try and stomach. Here's a picture of Mary in her new shirt in an attempt to try and make Joey feel a bit more comfortable. Isn't she the sweetest?

We have your chance to win tickets to the K107.1 Verizon Wireless Marcus Movie of the Week, Date Night, before it opens up on Friday night. Listen the next couple of days for your next chance to win and visit for more details and the South Valley's movie listings.

Ron and Lisa Beres founded and now have authored a new book titled, "Just Green It: Simple Swaps to Save the Planet and Your Health." They gave us tips on making green switches from your kitchen appliances to your holiday gifts and everything in between. For a free gift from Ron to you, check out

Dr. Ann Sosala from Companion Animal Care on Fond du Lac Avenue in Fondy came in to give us the skinny on Lyme Disease and how it affects our pets. For more information on how to keep your pets healthy, call 920-921-5199.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday 4/6 Live Blog

Keepin' it real on a lazy Tuesday, just one programming note to pass along: this will be Jon's final morning show until next week as he goes off to join Al Bundy among the ranks of those engaged in wedded bliss. Joey T will be in the big chair next to Mary starting tomorrow. That is all.

Cold and wet outside, warm and fresh baked inside as we crank up another Nick-n-Willy's New Release Tuesday. Nicolas Cage plays the Big Easy in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy is now on Blu-Ray. In the TV aisle pick up Simon & Simon: Season 4 (finally!). New albums are in stores today from Slash, Madonna, BoDeans, Jakob Dylan, Joss Stone, and Insane Clown Posse.

Jeffrey Zaslow co-authored the acclaimed book The Last Lecture with Randy Pausch, and returned to discuss his latest book, The Girls From Ames. The Girls have just been released in paperback and are now in stores.

So is the "I *Heart* Bonnie" tattoo losing its luster? Dr. Burt Steffes joined us from Agnesian HealthCare Dermatology & Skin Care to tell us how easy and affordable tattoo removal has become. Call 920.926.8722 for details.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday 4/5 Live Blog

The fake games are over as your 2010 Milwaukee Brewers take the field for reals this afternoon at Miller Park. Can the Crew return to the playoffs? Will Prince get traded mid-season? Is this the year we find out Bernie isn't a natural blonde? Get qualified for your chance to see the boys in person with our Brew Crew Blowout, going on right now at Cool River in Fond du Lac.

Our personal trainer Lynn Roethke from Club Olympia made a visit with tips on getting and maintaining your bikini-bod as spring turns to summer. See Lynn and sign up for classes online or in person on Camleot Drive in Fond du Lac.

Best-selling author and nutritionist Ted Broer joined us with his list of the Top 10 Most Toxic Foods. What is it about diet soda that eats holes in your brain? Hmm..that and other disturbing facts in Ted's latest book, Maximum Age Reversal.

What's big at The Windhover this month? Kevin Miller had a look at all the action, including Big Band Tuesdays, Windhover Wednesdays, and the Hometown Harmony Tradition on April 18. Get tickets and more details here.

In The Genius in All of Us, author David Shenk claims there is no such thing as being born "gifted" or "talented," rather the potential for genius exists in all of us if only we know how to tap into it. David showed us the science behind his theory and inspired us to reach for the stars with our big juicy brains.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday 4/2 Live Blog

Final Four weekend and your final chance to delicately white-out your brackets so that it looks like you knew all along that Michigan State, Duke, West Virginia, and Butler would make it to Indianapolis. Yeah...that's the ticket. Prediction here: fear the Izzone.

Best known for her role as "Mimi" on The Drew Carey Show, actress Kathy Kinney joined us to chat about her new book, Queen of Your Own Life. Claim happiness and learn to give yourself those elusive seven gifts to get the life you deserve. Oh, and lots of eye shadow never hurt either.

Today being World Autism Day made it a fine time to welcome Bob Friedland back to the show. Bob works in the product development division at Toys 'R' Us and talked about the 10 toys that speak to autism, as well as safe play tips for children on the autism spectrum. Click here for more details and autism resources.

Without Mercy is the latest book from NY Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson. She introduced us to Jules Farentino in this "campy cool thriller" that builds to a cliffhanger ending. The book is now in stores.

Tony Meade was our final guest talking new movies at your local theaterplex. Clash of the Titans arrives in 3D (at select theaters), Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? gives us something to ponder, and Miley Cyrus makes us yearn for Medusa in The Last Song. Go to for a full list of movies and showtimes for our holiday weekend.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools' Day 4/1 Live Blog

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