Friday, July 30, 2010

Live Blog Friday, July 30th

Joey T steps in on Jon and Mary in the Morning as Jon Carson is out of the studio for a sledding date with the Governator and GW. Look at 'em go!

- We handed out a handful of our remaining wristbands and parking passes for EAA's AirVenture. The flying fun goes through the rest of the weekend in Oshkosh.

-Mary was crowned the champion in the Jon and Mary Signature Pizza Challenge with Nick n' Willy's on East Johnson Street in Fond du Lac. Mary was able to sneak past Jon by just two pizzas before it was all said and done.

- James Bassil gave us the low down on's annual "The Great Male Survey." This year, they teamed up with Cosmopolitan to compare the differences between men and women beyond the obvious biological ones... Get your head out of the gutter!

- We made our final winner during "It's All in the Details" with My Custom Shop on North Main Street in Fond du Lac, giving away a $200 custom detailing package.

- Tony Meade dropped by from the Fond du Lac Theater to give us the low-down on new movies opening up today. You can check out "Dinner For Schmucks" with Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd or Zac Efron's departure from Disney in "Charlie St. Cloud."

Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's all in the details with K107.1 and My Custom Shop in Fond du Lac! Every Thursday this month, K107.1 Facebook fans will get a post just like this one that features a dirty car driven by a member of our staff. Be the first caller and know who drives that car when we ask on Friday morning, and you win a custom detailing package worth over $200!

Today's dirty staff car is driven by: Mary McGuire (aka Blotchy Beemer).

Thursday 7/29 Live Blog

Mary. Dog. Joseph. (not pictured: the Three Wise Men getting their legs humped)

Weekend Buzz took us on a majestic tour of the South Valley as we close out July. EAA Airventure wraps up another big year, The Paine continues their Norman Rockwell exhibition, and the African World Festival kicks off on Milwaukee's lakefront. More highlights can be found on the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at

Scott Kusmirek, former drummer with the Gin Blossoms and When In Rome, joined us with lead singer Matthew Thornton to chat about their new band, Vinyl Station. See the boys up close tonight at Jimmy Seas in Green Bay, or this weekend at Trinity Three Irish Pubs in Milwaukee.

National Night Out comes to our community this Tuesday and we got the full scoop on the local flavor with Kirsten Quam. Over 36 million participated last here for more details.

Dr. Steve Meress talked weight loss and the new weight-release program being offered at Fox Valley Wellness Center. It's not too late to keep that New Year's Resolution! (no, seriously! ok...well...maybe it's a little late)

We wrapped our Thursday with Brian Carter talking seafood. Don't forget Brian's take out menu is online at You can also call Brian at 517-TUNA or see his cherubic face in person in downtown Fond du Lac.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday 7/28 Live Blog

Sally Struthers celebrates her 62nd birthday today and continues her long-standing tradition of sending all her leftover cake & ice cream to children in Third World countries. Donation totals to date: half a scoop of ice cream and a few candles with frosting on them (fat joke). Congrats, Sally!

Waterfest Wednesday welcomes the Beatles tribute band American English to the Leach Amphitheater tomorrow night. We've got your chance to win those sweet Waterfest tickets all day, every Wednesday, thanks to Rhapsodies Gourmet Frozen Custard in Oshkosh.

A new study shows that insecurity and anxiety about a relationship can cause not only heart ache, but heart attacks. Dr. Jeff Junig provided a little CPR for those troubled souls, and can do the same for you. Visit Dr. J online or in person on Main Street in Fond du Lac.

The weight loss secret weapon you've been waiting for? Founder of Iron Core, author Sarah Lurie chatted about her new book, Kettlebells for Dummies. What are they? Which one is best for you? Find the answers and all the basics to get you started.

K107.1's 107 Days of Summer driven by Holiday Mazda continued with Gary Deitte in-studio to play another round of "This-or-That?" If you missed your chance to win those Noah's Ark tickets, stop by Holiday Mazda and win BIG during the Year End Closeout sale. Just $169 a month gets you into the zoom-zoomy Mazda3!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday 7/27 Live Blog

The sun rises on Day 2 of EAA Airventure (rather poetic, no?) and that means another spectacular Air Show at 3pm, the Winnebagoland Barbershoppers concert at 7pm, and Amelia showing at the Fly-In Theater at 8:30pm. Your chance to win tickets comes every morning this week with Jon & Mary.

Grilling expert and owner of Dickson's Farmstand Meats, Jake Dickson, and Samuel Adams brewmaster Grant Wood joined us with tips on the perfect pairings for your summer BBQ's. Serve an All-American beef and beer feast, maximizing flavor and consistency. Find more tasty cuts at Jake's online store, and more tasty brews at

Boost your slowpoke metabolism in five easy steps! It sounds easy because it IS easy. Dr. Chris Mohr from Men's Fitness magazine gave us the tools to reach our weight loss goals, and offered a FREE sample of his favorite metabolism booster. Visit this website or call 1.800.787.7208 for details.

A Nick-n-Willy's New Release Tuesday finds Clash of the Titans and Repo Men on DVD, with new drops from Tom Jones, Dru Hill, Ringo Starr, and Krayzie Bone among the musical highlights.

K107.1 Numerologist Tania Gabrielle was our final guest, taking your phone calls and crunching the numbers to see what your future holds. Sign up for your FREE Celebrity Numerology Newsletter and book a private reading with Tania online.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jon Test Drives the 2010 Holiday Mazda6

Take advantage of Holiday Mazda's 2010 Year-End Closeout Sale! Take the Mazda6 home for just $199 a month! Go to, sign up to be a K107.1 Facebook fan and you could win one of two iPod Nanos!

Monday 7/26 Live Blog

Mary is taking an unexpected vacation day, while regular guest co-host Joey T returns from the Brickyard. That means the esteemed Jon Carson is flying solo here on Day 1 of EAA Airventure. He'll do his very best to keep you awake (but we'd have that parachute handy just in case).

As mentioned, over 700,000 of our closest friends visit Oshkosh starting today for EAA Airventure. We had your chance to win tickets as part of our Holiday Mazda 107 Days of Summer. K107.1 Facebook fans will have a chance to win the ultra-cool iPod Nano filled with some of Jon & Mary's favorite driving music. Zoom-zoom!

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) expert Alison Johnson joined us with a look at her most recent book, Amputated Lives. In light of the BP oil spill, what sorts of toxic dangers await those in the exposed areas? What are the symptoms and treatments? Alison's book is now in stores and more info is online.

Festival Foods kicks off their exciting and tasty new nutrition program, NuVal, in the coming weeks. Festival PR Supervisor Karen Trom stopped by with a look at the savings and new snacks that will be available to our listeners (she also brought free samples, which is always a bonus).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday 7/23 Live Blog

Oh, Darth. Darth, Darth, could you? Robbing a bank? With a gun? Lightsaber still at the pawn shop? Are repairs on the TIE fighter really that expensive?

The Fond du Lac County Fair continues as we set you up with VIP passes to see Uncle Ted Nugent tomorrow night. Enjoy the soggy fun and the smell of all those wet carnys through Sunday.

We made another winner of a $200 custom detailing package from My Custom Shop. Click on to become a K107.1 Facebook fan and you'll be in for one final chance to pimp your ride next week.

Julie Wilson from Shut Up & Dance gave us an update on her upcoming United Way fundraiser. Still a chance to get signed up (especially you handsome hunks out there) for the fun coming in November.

Movie man Tony Meade was our final guest of the week, getting us set for today's new releases. Angelina Jolie provides a dash of hotness in Salt, and Selena Gomez stars as either Ramona or Beezus in Ramona and Beezus. Go to for a full helping of area movie listings and showtimes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's all in the details with K107.1 and My Custom Shop in Fond du Lac! Every Thursday this month, K107.1 Facebook fans will get a post just like this one that features a dirty car driven by a member of our staff. Be the first caller and know who drives that car when we ask on Friday morning, and you win a custom detailing package worth over $200!

Today's dirty staff car is driven by: Jon Carson (aka Dirty Duke).

Thursday 7/22 Live Blog

The BIG fun continues at Day 3 of the Fond du Lac County Fair. We had more tickets and more live music tonight at the K107.1 Sound Stage. Click on for the full entertainment lineup, and don't forget your chance to win those Ted Nugent VIP passes tomorrow morning!

Weekend Buzz took us on a soggy tour of the South Valley. Looks like rain for today and into tomorrow and Saturday, so why not check out the dry, indoor fun at The Paine? The Norman Rockwell exhibit continues through September. German Fest hits Milwaukee's lakefront, the Brewers return home to face the Nationals, and Lake Fest brings the party to various parts of Lake Winnebago. Surf over to for the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar and a full list of events and activities.

"Innovation Insider" Steve Greenberg gave us his Tools for School, a list of what every high school and college student needs for the upcoming school year. Go to for tips on getting the must-have gadgets without breaking your back-to-school bank.

We cranked our Holiday Mazda 107 Days of Summer all the way to 11 with tickets to EAA Airventure's opening day, the Fond du Lac County Fair, and a pair of hot seats to see the Brew Crew. The winning continues all summer as we zoom-zoom into the home stretch.

Brian Carter wrapped up today's show with a look inside the case at Fond du Lac Seafood. Brian's take-out window is open tomorrow with that full menu you'll find online or by calling 517-TUNA.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday 7/21 Live Blog

Our warmest Jon & Mary in the Morning birthday wishes for a happy 59th to the great Robin Williams. After a career playing icons like Mork, Mrs. Doubtfire, Popeye, Peter Pan, and that guy with the RV in have to wonder if maybe those mountains of coke were a good idea after all.

Waterfest Wednesday welcomes .38 Special, Road Trip, and The Pat Pederson Band to the Leach tomorrow night. Listen all day for your chance to win tickets, and check out the tasty fun at Rhapsodies Gourmet Frozen Custard before or after the show!

Nancy Feresten from National Geographic joined us to chat about the fact-packed and compact The National Geographic Kids Almanac 2011. Everything kids want to know about everything...animals, geography, nature, history, and more.

The Holiday Mazda 107 Days of Summer continued in grand fashion as Chris from Holiday stopped by for a round of "This or That?" The winning continues through Labor Day with tickets to Noah's Ark, Brewers, Milwaukee Zoo, and whatever else we can dig up in the ol' prize closet.

Our final two in-studio guests arrived just like we like them -- covered in cream. Kristi and Jen from the Wisconsin State Fair dropped in with an armload of those famous cream puffs. Click over to the State Fair website for a full schedule of events and find out what's new this year.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday 7/20 Live Blog

Carny Invasion 2010 is upon us as the Fond du Lac County Fair kicks off today (coincidentally enough at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds). Enjoy the thrills, chills, and spills with free tickets from Jon & Mary in the Morning all this week, including VIP passes to see The Nuge this Saturday...

Nick-n-Willy's New Release Tuesday finds Bruce Willis doing the Cop Out thing on DVD, along with The Runaways, The Losers, and Matlock: Season 5 (finally). New music includes drops from Sheryl Crow, Marc Cohn, Tokio Hotel, and the Jersey Shore soundtrack.

Will clean energy save the U.S. economy? Tom Pounds joined us and said the answer is "yes." Tom is CEO of CalStar Products, a green brick factory here in Wisconsin, and a member of Environmental Entrepreneurs. Click here for more about what E2 does to provide a voice for the world around us.

German Fest returns to Milwaukee's lakefront this weekend and we were once again visited by Klaus Fromme, representing the lederhosen crowd. Klaus filled us in on all the fun happening Thursday through Sunday at the Summerfest grounds, and was kind enough to bring some ticket giveaways for our listeners. Danke!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday 7/19 Live Blog

Ozzy. Spoon. Ice cream.

Our buddy Joe from Cave of the Mounds joined us to chat about the discovery tours taking place through the end of the summer. Explore this National Natural Landmark west of Madison with a visit before September 6.

The magic and wonder of the Fond du Lac County Fair returns this week. Rock the tent at the K107.1 Sound Stage and live music starting on Wednesday with Vic Ferrari. Click here for all the deep fried details and listen all week to win tickets, including VIP passes for Ted Nugent on Saturday night!

A visit from our resident psychic Susan Anderson made this another Medium Monday. Susan took your phone calls and answered questions about the past, the present, the future, and the dearly departed. Visit Susan online and get tickets to see her and her daughter Christine in person.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday 7/16 Live Blog

As our throbbing thermometers hover around 90 today and the mid-90s for the weekend, it's a good time to review that warm weather checklist: 1) Colt .45 shall NEVER be served before 7am, 2) Daisy Dukes are a fashion MUST for both men and women, and 3) It's Raining Men is THE essential tune to have in your boom box. Enjoy the sweating!

We made our second winner of a $200 detailing package from My Custom Shop. Pimp your ride inside and out just by being a K107.1 Facebook fan! Click "like" at and you're in it to win it all summer!

The Holiday Mazda 107 Days of Summer continued with a few more winners for weekend activities. The action heats up at Road America in the Kohler International Challenge and at Noah's Ark with more family fun. Get out and enjoy the action before you melt.

Elissa Lines joined us to talk EAA Airventure and the 2010 edition of the Young Eagles Celebrity Golf Classic. Tee off alongside Thurman Thomas, Dave Coulier, and Harrison Ford(?) on Wednesday, July 28.

Tony Meade wrapped up our Friday in grand fashion, taking a look at this week's new releases. Nicolas Cage (and his magic wig) opened Wednesday in The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Leonardo DiCaprio invades your dreams in Inception, opening today. Get a full list of movies and showtimes online at

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's all in the details with K107.1 and My Custom Shop in Fond du Lac! Every Thursday this month, K107.1 Facebook fans will get a post just like this one that features a dirty car driven by a member of our staff. Be the first caller and know who drives that car when we ask on Friday morning, and you win a custom detailing package worth over $200!

Today's dirty staff car is driven by: Joey T (aka Pigpen).

Thursday 7/15 Live Blog

Just in time for the holidays comes this super-cool, super-stylish, super-poseable Michael Jackson doll! Have your grandpa do his eerie Vincent Price impersonation and YOU too can relive the magic of Thriller in your own living room! (grandpa sold separately)

Weekend Buzz took us on new adventures around the area, including Brews & Blues at the Leach Amphitheater, Festa Italiana on Milwaukee's lakefront, and hog wrestling in Eldorado. Click on the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at for more.

Dr. Richard Bavaria from Sylvan Learning Centers had the scoop on how to survive the summer brain drain. Keep that knowledge fire stoked in your kids between grades with the new Sylvan educational workbooks from Random House.

So You Think You Can Dance veteran Cedric Gardner brings his happy feet back to our area this weekend. Sign up for a workshop with Julie at Shut Up & Dance! this Saturday.

Psychic medium Jeffrey Wands joined us to chat about his latest book, Knock and the Door Will Open. Get Jeffrey's six keys to mastering the art of living to create harmony and happiness, now in stores.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday 7/14 Live Blog

Viva le France! Viva le Bastille Day!

Nicole Walters from Bright Angel Ranch was the first to storm our castle (Bastille Day reference) this morning. Nicole is hosting an equestrian clinic this weekend that features Olympic eventer Heidi White. Interested in participating or just watching from a safe distance? Call 262.339.0583.

Waterfest Wednesday made another winner of tickets to see Alice Cooper tonight or Rusted Root tomorrow night at the Leach Amphitheater. Thanks to our tasty and refreshing friends at Rhapsodies Gourmet Frozen Custard, at South Park & Oregon in Oshkosh.

Ahh, the lost art of letter writing. Lynne Griffin took us back to the days before IM's, texts, and e-mails in her new book, Sea Escape. Inspired by real love letters sent by her parents, it makes a great summer read.

Gary Deitte from Holiday Mazda played another round of "This-or-That?" and gave away a 4-pack of Brewers tickets as part of our Holiday Mazda 107 Days of Summer. Not only that, Gary also got us outfitted with a pair of convertibles from the Holiday Mazda lot! And, K107.1 Facebook fans have a chance to win one of two iPod Nanos! Check your Facebook wall for more details.

Our old friend Joe Scheibinger stopped in to unveil the all-new K107.1 DJ Service. Joe and Janice Marie will provide a combination of live and recorded entertainment. Call 920.921.1071 or email Joe or Janice for more info and to book your event!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday 7/13 Live Blog

Lower those nerd flags to half-mast this morning. The news broke yesterday afternoon that the great Harvey Pekar has passed at the age of 70. Grab a copy of American Splendor and relive the illustrated angst of a Cleveland file clerk.

A Nick-n-Willy's New Release Tuesday finds the Jennifer Aniston-Gerard Butler "showmance" on full display in The Bounty Hunter. Also on DVD, find Ben Stiller in Greenberg, Pierce Brosnan in The Greatest, and Richard Gere in Brooklyn's Finest. Musically, find new drops from KoRn, M.I.A., Sting, Blue Oyster Cult, Yanni (the box set!!), and Alabama.

Dr. Christopher Mohr was back with five ways to speed your metabolism. Struggling to lose those last few pounds? Click here for the solution Dr. Mohr chatted about this morning.

NY Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich returned to the show and had a look at her latest, Sizzling Sixteen. The adventures of Stephanie Plum continue with a "lucky" bottle inherited from her Uncle Pip. Problem is, Uncle Pip didn't specify if the bottle brought good luck or bad luck...

K107.1 Debt Diva Clarky Davis had advice on avoiding "frugal fatigue." Tired of saving and ready to splurge? Fight those urges and stay the course! Find Clarky's techniques and more money advice at her website.

Take a zen approach to overcoming anger with author and trial attorney Leonard Scheff. His new book, The Cow in the Parking Lot, explores the factors that lead to angry outbursts and how to control them. Makes a great gift for the Mel Gibson in your life.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday 7/9 Live Blog

Does anybody else yearn for those simple days of yore when short shorts were in style and making 'The Decision' meant choosing between shirts & skins as your team colors? When a guy like the great Bill Laimbeer didn't require 60+ minutes on ESPN make pronouncements in the third person? (not that we wouldn't have totally watched a show like that...)

The Holiday Mazda 107 Days of Summer zoomed us over to Road America for next weekend's Kohler International Challenge. Lsiten for your chance to win tickets all summer on K107.1.

We kicked off the Jon & Mary Signature Pizza Challenge presented by Nick-n-Willy's. Stop by Nick-n-Willy's next to Festival Foods in Fond du Lac, order the "Jon" (aka, The Magellan) or the "Mary" (aka, The Margherita) and get a FREE medium cheese pizza! The challenge is on for the entire month of July!

Dr. Hans Schlect from Aurora Healthcare stopped in with the latest news in cosmetic procedures. Turn back the clock with new non-surgical techniques that use a holistic approach. Call 920.907.7000 or click here for more info.

Tony Meade made his Friday appearance with a list of what's big in theaters today. Steve Carell voices the villain in Despicable Me, Adrian Brody tries to fill Arnold's boots in Predators, and YOU become the star in Grease: The Sing-A-Long. Click on for all of those area movies and showtimes.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's all in the details with K107.1 and My Custom Shop in Fond du Lac! Every Thursday this month, K107.1 Facebook fans will get a post just like this one that features a dirty car driven by a member of our staff. Be the first caller and know who drives that car when we ask on Friday morning, and you win a custom detailing package worth over $200!

Today's dirty staff car is driven by: Nick Thomas (what a slob).

Thursday 7/8 Live Blog

We're back to a full blog this morning after our little technical meltdown yesterday. Turns out our old computer pals around the building were still in the mood to celebrate the July 4th weekend and decided to stage a small mutiny when we asked them to do some actual work. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Weekend Buzz took us around the area to see what's hot (and humid) over the next few days. Faire on the Green returns to The Paine on Sunday, among other highlights you'll find on the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at

Whisk yourself away to Cape Cod this summer for the ocean breezes, bustling beach life, familiar faces, and lost love. Lynn Kiele Bonasia painted the picture for us from her latest novel, Summer Shift. Pick it up in stores or online.

Marketing expert Paco Underhill told us What Women Want. When exactly did the global market turn so female friendly? What do advertisers know about the home office, gym, kitchen...and how are those areas targeted to women? Visit Paco online and find the book now in stores.

Brian Carter made his Thursday visit to talk all things fishy. See Brian in person at Fond du Lac Seafood in downtown Fond du Lac, online, or call 517-TUNA.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday 7/7 Live Blog?

Computer issues have rendered this morning's blog nearly impossible (that sentence alone took 23 minutes to upload). If you missed any of our guests or the live-saving information on today's show, we'll do our best to include it in tomorrow's blog. Now let's all head out to the field with our tire irons...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday 7/2 Live Blog

Heading off into our Independence Day weekend, Jon & Mary in the Morning remind you to keep an eye on the fuse, keep all four wheels on the road, keep your Zima intake within reason, and most importantly, keep the adults out of the kiddie pool.

Your Holiday Mazda 107 Days of Summer continued with Noah's Ark and Summerfest winners. Click on the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at for a full list of weekend fun and area fireworks times & locations.

Kevin Miller gave us a look at what's big at the Windhover Center during the month of July, including Marcia Ball in concert next Thursday. Find details and buy tickets at the Windhover website.

We wrapped our Friday and rode off into the holiday weekend with Tony Meade talking new movies. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has already set records after opening on Wednesday as M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender hopes to keep up. Get that list of area movies and showtimes at (you guessed it)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday 7/1 Live Blog

The first day of July brings with it another chance to celebrate our neighbors on Canada Day! Join us in recognizing this most sacred of holidays that commemorates the British North America Act of 1867, which united two British colonies and a British province into a country we lovingly call the Great White North. A votre sante!

Weekend Buzz took us around the South Valley to find the holiday hotspots. View history at the Oshkosh Public Museum's Vietnam War exhibit, or the paintings of Norman Rockwell at The Paine. Those details, more events, and your local fireworks listed online at the K107.1 Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar.

The entertaining Purcell sisters joined us with party tips just in time for our 4th of July festivities. Check out their website to find those secrets to summer entertaining, fun tricks to get your guests mingling, patriotic (and low calorie) snacks & beverages, and more.

Find specialty gifts for any occasion at Kremer Pharmacy in downtown Fond du Lac. Mary Thompson stopped in with a look at what's in store at Kremer. Right down the road, Brian Carter filled our grill at Fond du Lac Seafood. Order from Brian's take out menu and make it a tasty holiday weekend.