Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday 10/29 Live Blog

A festive vibe is in the air as visions of candy corns dance in our heads. Just two days before Halloween, and we present our final last-minute costume idea of the week. You'll need a big box, a few carboard tubes, some poster paint, and (most importantly) a look on your face that says, "welcome to flavor country." Just watch out for the giant grannies wanting to pinch your cheeks and sneak a puff...

Why not don a cup and a pair of tight yellow pants and step out as your favorite footballer this weekend? Our Johnsonville Packer Preview took a look at the Pack's trip to the Meadowlands to take on the New York Jets. Coverage starts this Sunday at 10, kickoff at noon on K107.1.

Chris Tolles, CEO of, joined us to explain his website's new features, including a citizen sound-off forum focused on the 2010 elections. Check out the "virtual town hall" and make your voice heard!

A ghastly visit from ghost expert David Pitkin got our goosebumps ready for the weekend. David told us about the famous Wisconsin Rapids ghost and had more spooky tales from around the country. His book, New England Ghosts, is now in stores.

New releases hitting your local theater include the return of Jigsaw in Saw 3D, as well as Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys (limited release). Click over to for that full listing of area movies and showtimes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday 10/28 Live Blog

This morning's Halloween costume idea takes us to a pineapple under the sea! (Did we mention the pineapple has recently been turned into a strip club?)

The final Weekend Buzz for the month of October took us 'round to several haunts in our neighborhood, fall fun, and the Bucks home opener. Click over to for a full list of Halloween events and various area activities on the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar.

Style expert Amy Goodman shared fall fashion and beauty tips as we roll through these cooler months. What are the best "on-the-go" fixes? Find Amy online and look flawless while saving time and money.

We wrapped today's show with a couple pillars in our local community. Dr. Steve Meress from Fox Valley Wellness stopped by for a visit and John Rubino from Stitch-on-Time Custom Embroidery gave us the inside scoop on what its like to be Mary's dance partner in the upcoming Hollywood Nights to benefit the United Way. Thanks homeys!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday 10/27 Live Blog

The wind continues to howl, blowing us ever closer to the magic of Halloween this Sunday. As we have all week, this morning we present another last-minute costume idea. You may have to scrounge around eBay for this one or let it inspire you to create one of your own. Oh, how the kids will love wearing their big tickly mustache and leather studded chaps!

Where Did Noah Park the Ark? Good question (since they have yet to find the darn thing) and the title of a new book by Eran Katz. Eran joined us to talk about his work, detailing ancient memory techniques for remembering practically anything.

Dr. Jeff Junig stopped by for his monthly visit, chatting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). How effective is CBT in helping us get "unstuck" or eliminating negative thoughts? See Dr. J online or in person on Main in downtown Fond du Lac.

We zoom-zoomed with Chris from Holiday Mazda in Fond du Lac. Chris gave us a look at the killer styling and loooow price of the all-new Mazda2. Stop in for a test drive and you could win an Apple iPad! Join us broadcasting LIVE this Friday for more fun deals on wheels.

Warm up in advance with a remote start from Darryn and the gang at My Custom Shop, Inc. Call 920.602.2376.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday 10/26 Live Blog

A wiiiiindy Tuesday is upon us (including a Tornado Watch for our area until 11am), and it's also Day 2 of our last-minute Halloween costume guide. Why not take a bit of latex, a plastic helmet, and a dose of the Sith to transform yourself into sexy Darth Vader(ette)? "Luke, I am your very confused Father!"

Our Nick-n-Willy's New Release Tuesday finds big fun available in stores and on the download. On DVD, Sarah Jessica Parker stars in Secretariat...err, wait...Sex & the City 2 and Marty McFly returns in the Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy on Blu-Ray. Musically, Taylor Swift's new album is in stores alongside drops from Jeff Beck, Mark Salling, and Ray Charles(!).

Author John Gerzema shared those sweet sounds comin' down on the Spend Shift. How has the post-crisis values revolution changed the way we buy, sell, and live? Pick up the book in stores or online.

Marc Silverstein, host of The Best Of on Food Network, gave us tips on scoring a tailgate touchdown this football season. Each city offers its own tailgating experience, what are the best foods and drinks to serve here in Packer country? Find Marc on your TV (check local listings) and get more at his website.

We battened down the final hatches with Tania Gabrielle, our numerology expert. Tania crunched the numbers for some of our more high profile political candidates, and told us what the number 31 means for Halloween. Get Tania's FREE newsletter and keep up on your favorite celebrities.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday 10/25 Live Blog

And down the stretch we come towards Halloween 2010. As our way of helping out the lazier listeners/blog readers among us, all this week we'll be presenting last-minute costume ideas sure to amaze and delight. Have a lot of old paper grocery bags stuffed under the kitchen sink? Why not cut them up, grab some tape, and dress yourself as a giant cigar? It's easy and sends a great message to the kids. (giant Fidel Castro not included)

London-based rock journalist Phil Sutcliffe was our first guest of the morning, talking up his latest book, AC/DC - High Voltage Rock 'n Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History. The rock gods are chronicled in 224 pages of photos, stories, memorabillia, and more. Makes a great gift (if you haven't noticed today is exactly two months until the Big X).

Spike helped us celebrate last night's big win with our Packer Postgame Report presented by Duffy's Sports Pub. The Pack head to the Meadowlands for their next game, this Sunday against the New York Jets. Coverage starts at 10am on K107.1.

So how can you tell if your house is haunted? Terri Fleming from the Fond du Lac Public Library told us about their handy new step-by-step guide, How to Tell if Your House is Haunted. Copies are available at the reference desk and online at

Staying with the spooky spirit, film expert Don Sumner stopped by with a few copies of his new book, Horror Movie Freak. A comprehensive guide to all things creepy from the silver screen to your TV. The book includes a DVD copy of the classic Night of the Living Dead, and is now available in stores.

Our final guest was Marianne Schwab. Marianne helped us recognize travel scams and the truth behind seemingly unbelievable fares. Rule #1: if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Click over to Marianne's website for more tips and deals.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 10/22 Live Blog

Hitch up your Wranglers and head to Lambeau for the return of the 'Ol Gunslinger. The Packers host Brett Favre and the Vikings this Sunday night on K107.1. Coverage starts at 5, kickoff at 7:20. Thanks to Spike for another Johnsonville Packer Preview. (and thanks to our girl Jenn for showing her loyalty by sporting her Packer green and pompoms)

Keeping with that spirit, Rob Reischel from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel joined us with a bucket list of sorts. His new book, 100 Things Packer Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, is just that. A comprehensive list that makes a fine gift for fans of the green-and-gold. Get a signed copy by e-mailing Rob at

The best-selling author of The Clique series, Lisi Harrison introduced us to Frankie Stein in ther latest book, Monster High. The life and times of a teenage Frankenstein? Sounds like Halloween fun...the book is now in stores.

K107.1 has teamed up with Ally's Furniture and Big Guy Hats to bring Lambeau to your living room. Stop by Ally's (on Rolling Meadows Drive in Fond du Lac) now through December 10 and sign up to with the ultimate Packer package: a leather Lay-Z-Boy recliner, a custom made Big Guy Hat, and a pair of tickets to see the Pack play the Giants on December 26.

We were off into another weekend with a look at new movies opening today. Matt Damon stars in the Clint Eastwood-directed Hereafter and that crazy home-movie-making couple are back in Paranormal Activity 2. Click over to for those local movie listings and showtimes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday 10/21 Live Blog

Princess Leia turns 54 today, and so we wear our dual hair buns under our headphones in humble tribute. "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only ride to the drugstore."

Weekend Buzz got us out of the studio and into various Halloween haunts and family activites this weekend. Make your own fun with the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at

October is National Alzheimer's Awareness Month, and Dr. Kenneth Robbins joined us to talk about the disease and the 11 million caregivers nationwide. Who cares for the caregivers? Dr. Robbins provides the answer as medical editor at

What's the secret to happiness? For us, it's talking to Mary T. Browne. Mary made her monthly visit to discuss ways to train our minds to be naturally happy. Impossible? Get help at Mary's website and in her book, The 5 Rules of Thought.

Julie Wilson stopped by to give us the scoop on an upcoming fundraiser for the United Way. Hollywood Nights happens Saturday, November 20 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in downtown Fond du Lac. Click here for details and to purchase tickets.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday 10/20 Live Blog


Paul & John or Mick & Keith? The debate has raged for over 40 years and gets a fantastic treatment in the new book, The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the Great Rock 'N Roll Rivalry. Authors Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot joined us with their opinions and discussed the legacy of these legendary bands.

K107.1 Debt Diva Clarky Davis had tips to save $$$ on Halloween. Gently used candy? Great idea! Get more with Clarky and her money saving advice at

The National 9/11 Flag flew over the World Trade Center prior to its collapse, was found in the rubble, stitched back together, and flies once again as a symbol of hope and freedom. That very flag comes to Marian University in Fond du Lac this Saturday. See it in person and "Sponsor A Stitch" for just $5.

Missy Dortman was our final guest, tantalizing our taste buds with details on the 10th annual Kohler Food & Wine Experience kicking off tomorrow. Listen for your chance to win tickets to a slew of events, and find the full lineup online.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday 10/19 Live Blog

A big sigh of relief as Jon has finally found his Halloween costume for this year's festivities. You think Katy looks good? Just wait 'til Jon slips into the latex...meow!

A Nick-n-WIlly's New Release Tuesday gets you a sackload of new movies and music in stores and online today. On DVD, check out the Predators remake, Rachel Weisz in Agora, and the Disney nature film Oceans. Musical drops include selections from Elton John, Kings of Leon, Liz Phair, Shakira, Rod Stewart, and Sugarland, along with Hannah Montana Forever and The Rocky Horror Glee Show.

Legendary TV actor Alan Thicke stopped by to chat about his career and his new role as spokesperson for the $250,000 Caribbean Idol Karaoke Contest, sponsored by Caribbean Cruise Line. Click here for more info on the contest, or here for more about Alan and his upcoming projects.

Just in time for Halloween, author Chad Lewis joined us with tales from his book, The Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations. See Chad in person (if you dare!) at the Little Chute Public Library this Thursday evening at 6:30. Call 920.788.7825 for more.

Sticking with the wet-your-pants theme, we welcomed Ursula Bielski, founder of Chicago Hauntings, Inc. Her new book, There's Something Under My Bed, is in stores now.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday 10/18 Live Blog

A new study published this morning finds that men and women who wear red are more attractive to the opposite sex. Across seven independent surveys, both men and women were up to 50% more likely to find someone in red more "provocative" or "desirable" than in any other color. Who are we to argue? 'Tis the season, we suppose.

Duffy's Sports Pub brought us another depressing Packer Post-Game Report. Sitting at 3-3 after their loss to the Dolphins, the Pack look to rebound this weekend against the Vikings. Pregame coverage starts at 5pm Sunday evening, with kickoff at 7:20 on K107.1.

An extra-large Medium Monday got underway with a visit from Susan Anderson of Bridging Two Worlds. Susan took your phone calls about the future and those who are dearly departed. Sign up for a full one-on-one session with Susan online.

Also from the psychic realm, John Edward joined us to talk about his new book, Infinite Quest. Learn to hone your own psychic abilities with John's guidance. Find more about John, his books, and his TV shows at

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday 10/15 Live Blog

Breaking news this lovely Friday morning: Brad and Angie eat people food just like the rest of us mere mortals. Stay tuned to this channel for further updates...

Our Johnsonville Packer Preview got us set for the Dolphins visit to Lambeau this weekend. Spike helped us sort through the injury reports and whether A-Rod will be behind center come Sunday. Get full coverage starting at 10am, with kickoff at noon on K107.1.

Costume expert Sara Gaugle joined us with a list of the hot costumes this Halloween. Lady Gaga? Jersey Shore? True Blood? Check out your local Savers secondhand store or find more tips online.

Zoom-zoom through your autumn in the all-new Mazda2 from Holiday Mazda. Stop by today for your chance to win an Apple iPad. Take a test drive and give your inner driver the thrill of a lifetime. Holiday Mazda is on Rolling Meadows drive, across from Walmart in Fond du Lac.

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, and Dr. John Dodes stopped by with fun facts about our chompers. Keep your smile looking its best by visiting our friends at Listerine, and get more tips at

Rolling into another weekend just ain't complete without a look at new movies opening today at your local cineplex. Jackass 3D leads the charge, along with an all-star cast in Red, and Hilary Swank in Conviction. A full list of area movies and showtimes is online at

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday 10/14 Live Blog

The huge celebrations keep on comin' this week as today we recognize the birth of Francois Sebastien Charles Joseph de Croix, Count of Clerfayt. Unfortunately, our man Frankie died in 1798 under suspicious circumstances, but doesn't his spirit continue to live on in all of us?

Weekend Buzz took us around the South Valley to various Haunted Happenings, family activities, and live music. Click on the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at for more info.

Prescription drug abuse has crept into all areas of our society, from seniors to kids. Dr. Carole Lieberman joined us to help tackle the problem and offer advice for parents on how to broach the subject with their child.

The sixth annual GEMS (Girls, Engineering, Math, Science) one-day conference for girls in grades 6 through 8 has been scheduled for Saturday, November 6 at UW-FdL. Leann Doyle chatted with us about the day, including keynote speaker Amber Gell, a NASA engineer. To register online, surf over to

World-renowned shutterbug Robert Hass gave us a look at his latest collection of photographs, Through the Eyes of the Vikings: An Aerial Vision of Arctic Lands. Dozens of breathtaking images taken from the skies, the book is now in stores.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday 10/13 Live Blog

Halloween costume idea #78: dress up as LaToya dressed up as Michael dressed up as Elizabeth Taylor (c. 1947).

Nutritionist Elisa Zeid was our first guest of the morning, talking the importance of breakfast. A good, healthy breakfast is the BEST way to get your day started and meet your weight loss goals. Click here for more rise-and-shine tips, and get more from Elisa at her website.

Laurie Puhn is the author of Fight Less, Love More, and has seen every argument in the book. What are the 5 dumbest? How do we resolve them? Use Laurie's 5-minute conversation techniques to change your relationship without blowing up or giving in.

Playwright, poet, actress (and ex-wife of Martin Scorsese) Julia Cameron gave us a look at her latest book, The Creative Life. Find true tales of inspiration in Julia's follow-up to her bestselling The Artist's Way.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday 10/12 Live Blog

Just a teensy bit groggy this morning following our BIG Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving bash last night. Who knew 2am was the same in Canadian time as it is in U.S. time? Oh, and if you see our pals Nina and Santa Maria, tell them we're sorry (they'll know what you're talking about).

Nick-n-Willy's brought us another new release Tuesday and a look at what's fresh in movies and music. On DVD today, How to Train Your Dragon, Jonah Hex, and It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. Musical highlights include the Lady Antebellum Christmas album (sorry, no Muppets), the Indigo Girls holiday album (again, no Muppets), Lil' Wayne, Shawn Mullins, Sister Hazel, Darius Rucker, and Wilson Phillips.

Ian Halperin took us inside his latest celebrity biography. After tackling Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain, Ian is back with The Governator. A stirring (and, at times, disturbing) look at the life and career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The book hits stores today and makes a fine stocking stuffer.

How about vegetarian cuisine as a way to maintain a healthier lifestyle? Don't gag, it's actually quite tasty according to Cooking Light contributing editor Janine Whiteson. Janine shared recipes and tips as featured in the new book, Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarian. Mmmmm-boy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day 10/11 Live Blog

As we silly Americans celebrate Christopher Columbus landing in the Bahamas (and thinking he was in East Asia), our friends to the north are gathering 'round the bacon and celebrating Thanksgiving. We raise our Molsons to you, oh Canada!

The sad news was delivered in our Duffy's Sports Pub Packer Postgame Report. Can the Pack bounce back this week from yesterday's tough OT loss? We'll all find out together this Sunday with coverage from Lambeau starting at 10, with kickoff vs. the Dolphins at noon on K107.1.

Joe Lilly is our money partner, your money partner, and principal of We chatted about the ins and outs of starting a small business, and how a little bit of experience can go a long way in creating a company. Get financial advice on marketing, advertising, and more with Joe online.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday 10/8 Live Blog

Happy new moon, all you crazy Libras! Get your freak on!

Joey T was back in the studio filling in for the vacationing Mary, and Spike also dropped in with our weekly Johnsonville Packer Preview. The Pack head to D.C. to face the Redskins this weekend. Catch the pregame at 10, kickoff at noon this Sunday on K107.1.

The 3rd annual Dig for the Cure volleyball match takes place on Saturday, October 16 at Fond du Lac High School. Varsity coach Julie Riese is a breast cancer survivor and joined us to talk about how you can help her team raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer.

HGTV designer and home interior expert Martin Amado told us what homeowners need to know about getting their home ready for fall inside and out. Find more fall fix-ups and money saving tips at Martin's website.

Another Friday means another load of new movies in theaters, including the inspiring Secretariat, the romantic Life as We Know It, and the creepy My Soul to Take. As always, local movie listings and showtimes are a click away at

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday 10/7 Live Blog

Mary is off to warmer climates for her 5-day weekend, meaning Joey T joins us working slobs this morning. Always a pleasure to have Joey T and his smooth skin in the studio (which reminds us, did Mary remember to pack her sunscreen? she really can't afford to go without).

Weekend Buzz got us off the couch and into some fun on a dandy South Valley weekend. Halloween activities abound (see those here), as do various Oktoberfests around the state. Click over to for all the details on your Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar.

NY Times bestselling author Michael Connelly is back with another new thriller, The Reversal. Michael chatted with us about the latest adventures of Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller. Check out Michael's website for more news and to watch a video book trailer.

Who are The Last Speakers? Author and linguist K. David Harrison joined us to detail his expeditions to meet with those last speakers and his quest to save the world's most endangered languages. A fascinating read presented by our pals at National Geographic.

Everyone matters to someone. The question is, do we remember to tell them? Linda Jew, creator of You Matter to Me Day (which is today!), says this is a day to acknowledge all the people who matter to us, not just those to whom we say, "I love you." Awwww...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday 10/6 Live Blog

Is that Jessica Simpson getting ready to blast away aboard an aircraft carrier, or has Klinger joined the Navy?

We had more Bucks tickets for their showdown against the mighty Charlotte Bobcats this Saturday night at the Resch Center. Listen all week for more chances to win.

Krystina Castella was our tour guide into A World of Cake. Explore the sweet traditions from cultures near and far in Krystina's new cookbook, in stores now.

Another visit from our K107.1 petspert, Dr. Ann Sosalla, and a discussion about the importance of routine physical exams and bloodwork to screen for treatable diseases in your pet. See Dr. Ann and staff at Companion Animal Care on Fond du Lac Avenue in Fond du Lac.

Dr. Sean Foreman made his monthly visit and had a look at the political landscape leading up to election day November 2. What are the local races worth watching? National races? What impact will the Tea Party have on voters? Dr. Foreman hosts his own radio show on Wednesdays at noon from the campus of Barry University.

Get the zzzzzzzzzz's you've been craving with seven sleeping solutions for tired tots and their parents. Kimberley Clayton-Blaine joined us to talk bedtime and why a good night's sleep is important for kids and adults. Her book, The Go-To Mom's Parents' Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children, has those details and much more.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday 10/5 Live Blog

Welcome back to World Teachers Day! Nice.

Nick-n-Willy's brought us another new release Tuesday, where The Karate Kid, Splice, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and All in the Family: The Seventh Season are hanging out on DVD. Selections in the CD aisle include new stuff from Idol reject David Archuleta, KT Tunstall, Bruno Mars, Faith Evans, and Toby Keith.

So how do you deal with that first bad report card of the school year? Education expert Dr. Rick Bavaria gave us the warning signs and tips for parents in helping their child make the grade.

Celebrated dog trainer (including to the Presidential pooch, Bo) Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz joined us to discuss The Love That Dog Training Program. A simple 5-week program will keep your furry pal calm, cool, and chillaxed. Get the book and more details at Dawn's website.

We hit the road and took to the skies with travel expert and host of Rudy Maxa's World on PBS, Rudy Maxa. What are the best value getaways for fall? Better yet, where can you go to avoid the crowds? Catch more from Rudy online and check your local PBS listings to keep tabs on his travels.

Speaking of travel, a very exciting opportunity has just popped up courtesy of Collette Vacations and K107.1. Get the Alaska Discovery Land & Cruise trip at a special rate for a limited time. An info session will be held this evening at the Fond du Lac Holiday Inn beginning at 5:30.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday 10/4 Live Blog

Jon Carson is out of the studio this morning, but rest assured that he's enjoying himself. He's out there playing catch with Tiger at the Ryder Cup.

- We welcomed Lynn Roethke from Club Olympia into the studio this morning to discuss getting back to our "glory days" of fitness.

- Spike gave us our Duffy's Packer Post Game Wrap Up on the ugly 28-26 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday. We'll have game five this Sunday on K107.1 as the Packers head to the nation's capital to take on the Redskins. Pre-game coverage begins at 10:00am with kickoff at Noon.

- The Milwaukee Bucks open up pre-season this week and they're heading to the Resch Center on Saturday to take on Charlotte. Get up close and personal with Andrew Bogut, Brandon Jennings and the rest of the NBA Playoff contenders. We've got your tickets all week.

- National President of the American Massage Therapy Association Kathleen Miller-Read told us how massage therapy can benefit battles with Breast Cancer.

- Maxim Magazine Senior Editor Patrick Carone dropped knowledge on how men can be the fashionista of their block by running down the latest trends in clothing, accessories and general style.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday 10/1 Live Blog

Happy October One! (note to self: wake up Green Day)

Our Johnsonville Packer Preview was especially exciting as Jon's Detroit Lions are visiting Lambeau this weekend. Do the kitties stand a chance? Catch the pregame at 10, kickoff at noon this Sunday on K107.1.

The legendary Pat Boone stopped by to talk about his new album, Near. Love songs and an old school sound from our man Pat. Get the latest Boone News online, and pick up the album now in stores.

Fitness expert Tosca Reno told us the story of how she went from fat to fit, and how you can do it too! Her latest book, Your Best Body Now, details how to look and feel fabulous at any age using the eat-clean method.

Kevin Miller from the Windhover Center for the Arts gave us a look at what's happening at the Windhover during the month of October. Howie Schneider, Paul Rosenfeldt, and more. Click here for those details or to purchase tickets.

We rode off into the weekend with an armload of new movies in theaters today. Check out the Oscar buzz surrounding The Social Network, the thrilling Renee Zellweger in Case 39, or a little horror in Let Me In (directed by the dude who brought us Cloverfield). Local movie listings and showtimes are always online at