Thursday, July 31, 2008

THURSDAY'S recap (yeah, almost FRIDAY!)

Check out the Cave of the Mounds website at and find out what's going on there this weekend. I think it sounds like a lot of fun for the kids! It's only a 20 minute drive west of Madison. The Paine Art Center and Gardens is a great place to enjoy the weekend as well with magnificent art and breathtaking gardens.

Hope all you "General Hospital: Night Shift" fans enjoyed our interview with Antonio Sabato Jr.--I know I did.

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY!! Tomorrow Jon and I have our usual fun with Tony Meade from the Fond du Lac Theater--listen to win two movie passes AND to find out what new movies are in theaters this upcoming weekend. Speaking of weekend, hang in there--it's almost here!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Lots of prizes given away today because that's the kind of morning show Jon and Mary is--very generous. Now, if I can get my hand back to the keyboard after strenuously patting my back, I'll give you some info. about today's show.

If you're a science fiction or space travel "geek", you've got to check out Michael Belfiore's book, "Rocketeer", now available in paperback at Check out his website at Maybe you want to travel into space on SpaceShipTwo. As for me, I don't need space--I've got enough of it between my ears!

Thursday's show is looking good! We'll get to Weekend Buzz with all the happenings around the South Valley (don't forget about Community Calendar--what a great resource for your recreation needs). Jon and I will talk to the director from Cave of the Mounds--they have an exciting weekend celebration that sounds like a nice field trip for the family for this upcoming weekend.

But ladies, I have to admit that my heart (and various other body parts) is all aflutter about Antonio Sabato Jr. being on the show tomorrow)--that's right, it's Jagger Cates from General Hospital: Night Shift on SOAPnet. He's also NBC's winner of "Celebrity Circus" (I'd go under the Big Top with him anytime). I can't wait!! See you tomorrow on the radio!



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TUESDAY in Review!

Wow, did Tuesday morning fly by in a hurry! Text-In Tuesdays are always fun. Good luck to Lori who's going to the State Fair, buy two cream puffs, go to the Poison concert and wear the cream puffs as a bra (now Lori has a true sense of adventure)!!
Check out the fair (AND the cream puffs)at

Tania Gabrielle is a great guest and every month, our K107.1 Expert in Numerology, will join us and we'll take callers. Visit Tania at She offers a lot of information and advice on her website and if you want a complete blueprint for the upcoming year, you'll find that as well (there is a fee for this service).

Tuesday's show really covered the numbers. Robert Lee Camp explained to us how to find out if we're playing our cards right, with his book, "Your Birthday, Your Card." His website offers a lot of information as well. Check out for more on what your cards say about you.

Wednesday means more fun with the Wheel of Summer. Get the top-of-the-line college guide for your graduating senior when Jon and Mary talk to Ed Fiske, author of "Fiske Guide to Colleges 2008."
Wednesday morning learn more about SpaceShipTwo from Michael Belfiore and future space travel for civilians.

See you tomorrow on K107.1!


Monday, July 28, 2008

MONDAY's tidbits!

If you haven't checked out the newest entertaining and informative how-to website, do it now at There are over 13 categories with a multitude of world-renowned experts. It's quick, it's easy and the videos are top notch along with printable detailed instructions. Perfect!

Our UFOlogist was extremely interesting this morning with all that talk about Planet X. If you want to get his book, here's the title--"The Return of Planet-X: And Its Effects on Mother Earth--A Natural Disaster Survivor's Manual", Dr. Jaysen Rand. If you'd like to get a signed copy, call 901-336-9660 or for general information, call 800-247-6553. Of course, you can find it at as well.

Jon and Mary's Tuesday morning is looking pretty fun--we give away a new DVD plus our Text In Tuesday means you could win a $40 accessories certificate from Pro Cellular (nice!) and our numberologist Tania Gabrielle joins us and can give you the scoop on what your numbers say about YOU!! AND, astrologist Robert Lee Camp reveals the fascinating truth about playing cards and your destiny!! See you tomorrow and have a great Monday.

Friday, July 25, 2008

FRIDAY'S Recap! Hog Wrestling Photos to Appear Today!!

Well, good news. After our interview with Wendy Behary this morning, Jon and I are positive that we are NOT narcissists (extremely vain perhaps but not narcissists)! Check out for information on how to order this very interesting book, especially if you're related to, married to or working with a narcissist!!

EAA excitement is building and for all the details, go to for details and complete schedule of events. If you want to learn more about rocket powered airplanes, as discussed on this morning's show, go to Ah, rocket science--you gotta love it (because I certainly don't understand it).

Monday's show will start your week out right with UFO-ologist and researcher, Dr. Jason Rand. He explains how we simply cannot deny the existence of UFO's--real life X-Files here we come! Learn about a new how-to website for women on Monday morning with Jon and Mary.

As promised, here are some videos and photos from the hog wrestlin' action in Eldorado last weekend. Up first is the fantastic performance from Jon Carson and Hopper's Hogs!

After getting all flithy with his new girlfriend, Jon gives me a hug... ICK!

And finally here are some photos from the great time we all had last weekend.

What fun! Have a safe and wonderful weekend. Talk to you Monday (yeah, I'll be back Monday)!


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Holy Ice Cream, Batman!!!! Run out and try a box of Weight Watcher's low fat ice cream novelty treats--nothin' beats ice cream on a stick, especially when it's healthier for you and your waistline. And speaking of health, that hunky Dr. Travis Stork, from ABC's "The Bachelor" Season 8, sure was a sweet sounding guy! His new daytime show premieres September 8th on CBS and it's called THE DOCTORS. It sounds interesting--like Dr. Phil only the topics and real-life stories concern our physical health. For myself, I'm interested in hearing what the plastic surgeon has to say!!

Thank goodness it's almost Friday and we'll have the usual Friday FUN with K107.1 Masterpiece Theater with Tony Meade. Learn about narcissistic personality disorder tomorrow when we talk to Wendy Behary (a therapist specializing in narcissism) about her book, "Disarming the Narcissist." Hmmmm......I might not want to hear what she has to say.

Thanks for being so patient--we're still working on gathering, editing and posting some tremendously entertaining pictures of K107.1's very own 'hog wrestler extraordinaire' Jon Carson from last week's Hog Wrestling event in Eldorado.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday's Re-Cap!

Wow! You've got to check out Food Network's new show on Tuesday nights (8:30 pm central) called "Road Tasted with the Neelys". Pat and Gina Neely are fun and entertaining with a certain "down-home" quality. We loved talking to them this morning and you can go to to find out how to get these road tasted, delicious one-of-a-kind dishes delivered straight to YOUR door.....hmmmm hmmmm good!

Wedding expert Sharon Naylor has all the tips to help you plan your wedding--today we talked about your perfect wedding location including all the how to's, what questions you should be asking, and what will give you the best deal for less. Go to for more information or to check out her more than 35 different wedding books.

Okay, so you hate being on the phone, let alone to make a confrontational call say, like a break-up call??????? Never fear you break up cowards because SLY-DIAL has arrived. Call (267) SLY-DIAL and see how this service can actually "let YOU off the hook". If you get a voice mail message from good ole JC......yup, you's SLY DIAL!!!!!!!! (He's such a SLY guy)!!

THURSDAY win a few coupons for FREE boxes of frozen ice cream novelties (snacks) from Weight Watchers when Kathryn Sansome, "The Shape Up" Mom joins us. THE DOCTORS premiere on CBS in September and Dr. Travis Stork--that's right, the same guy from season 8 of ABC's The Bachelor--talks to us about this new daytime show that will focus on health-care issues.

Talk to you tomorrow morning--til then be safe!!

Mary (the one JC will SLY DIAL the most!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Staycation Information!

Thanks Andy G. for visiting the morning show today--always a pleasure (and it's nice to have someone besides Jon to make fun of)! Be listening on Tuesdays and become part of our Pro-Cellular Text In Tuesday madness. You could win a $40 accessories gift certificate from Pro Cellular like Kevin from Eden (he thought Andy should spend his afternoon lifting weights to get rid of his 'girly' arms). Check out more information about how to take a great "staycation" without burning a hole in your budget this summer. Go to Emily Kaufman has a lot of helpful tips to save money on your family travel this summer.

Watch out for Wednesday's show when Jon and I take a food-finding road trip with Food Network's favorite couple--Pat and Gina Neely. Dr. Feel Good reminds us to schedule those school and sports physicals before the kids go back this fall and don't forget about immunizations. K107.1's Wedding Expert Sharon Naylor joins the morning show tomorrow to share tips about planning your upcoming wedding. Talk to you in the morning!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Chasing Miss Piggy!

Don't miss the 5th annual Hog Wrestling Contest in the Eldorado Park in Eldorado on Saturday, July 19th. Why, you ask? Jon Carson (aka The Swine-er) is getting a team together to wrestle Miss Piggy (or maybe Mister Pig, who knows but he'll find out soon enough when he tries to manhandle the oinker). Actually, I'm pretty proud of Jon for even entertaining the idea of wrestling a pig. You know he's a city slicker, Detroit home boy, never shovelled any excrement from any type of animal before (he barely cleans his hampster cage)!

I'm trying to help him with his wrestling costume but you could help as well. I was thinking along the lines of a "Nacho Libre" outfit only call it "Macho Libre". Or maybe a pair of those tight bicycling shorts, wearing his Speedo over it(or some type of provocative thong). Let's not forget those stylish Daisy Duke cut-offs and skimpy tube tops he loves so much. Any ideas? I AM going to buy him an industrial size bottle of disinfectant soap--he's gonna need it after rolling around in pig feces-flavored mud. I'm laughing already at the faces he'll be making in that arena. Then again, he may develop a new heightened affection for this smelly but smart 4 legged creature and decide never to eat ham or bacon again. I'm sure this wrestling event will be a once-in-a-lifetime venture for our Jon Carson but oh, the pictures and videos from this will be priceless!!!!

Talk to you soon!
Mary McGuire (former farm girl that used to shovel........)