Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blustery Tuesday

Hello all! Can you believe this windy, cold weather today? The good news is that it's Tuesday and we're close to hump day. I want to re-cap all those authors' websites from Monday's show as they were pretty interesting books (I thought so at least). Those websites are; www.talentisoverrated.com, www.woodsonmerrell.com, www.mansfieldgroup.com, and www.lesliesklinger.com. There you have it--every topic from Dracula to this election's candidates' religious beliefs, to becoming healthier and energeteic to "why don't I have talent?"

Today's show was just as fascinating........okay, did I say fascinating??? How about using "interesting" instead?? If you want more information on the GhostTalk communicator and psychic Jacki Mari go to www.jackimari.com and you'll learn everything you need to know. You can also call Jacki's free line at 888-282-1424. If you want more information on numbers and what yours mean, go to www.taniagabrielle.com and K107.1's Numerologist Tania Gabrielle will enlighten you. You can also check out her books at www.amazon.com.

Tomorrow's topics:
Flu shots
Halloween Safety Tips with candy giveaway
Possible Alzheimer's cure
Change your Clocks--Change your smoke alarm batteries as well!
Tickets to: Theater of Lost Souls in Oshkosh

See you Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!!!

I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner!! Where has October gone! Hope you had a chance to join us this morning on K107.1--we're giving away great Halloween outings so listen and win tickets to some spooky haunts around the South Valley!

Mother-in-law problems do NOT need to exist if you read Sally Shields's book, "The Daughter-in-Law Rules" or go to her website at www.thedilrules.com and click on 'contact' and find the e-book. Sally was fun and offered some very sound advice.

Speaking of advice, our wedding expert Sharon Naylor, had some great advice on planning a wedding that "gives back". Check out Sharon at her website www.sharonnaylor.net and you have to go to www.idofoundation.org as this site has tons of ideas and other websites for planning an eco-friendly wedding.

Join us tomorrow as it's Thursday which means we'll have more tickets for Halloween events plus our relationship expert talks about handling stress in your relationships due to financial stress. We will talk to author Sam Greengard about "re-careering" in later years (a topic right up my alley). My next career is going to be.....being a real adult!!

See you tomorrow! Peace!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, October is half over already, can you believe it?? Get working on those Halloween costumes whether you're ordering them, buying them from a costume shop or whipping one up out of your own imagination--you know time flies when you're having fun! Speaking of fun, today's show was fun although Jon was kind of a "whiner" but that's how he gets when he THINKS he's getting sick.
If you want to check out the books of Robert L. Wolke, go to www.robertwolke.com as his books are fun and informative (concerning cooking and the science behind it).

Hopefully Jon and I will both have more energy on Monday's show. We'll pick a winner from Duffy's Pub (Holiday Inn, Fond du Lac) on our Packer Post-Game Wrap Up--get to Duffy's and sign up to win a $25 gift certificate AND a free appetizer of the week.

Attention all BAKERS--Jon and I interview the author of a beautiful cookbook called, "Christmas Cookies". Talk about make your mouth water just looking at the pictures!!! We'll be giving one away so listen to win.

Listen Monday to learn all the details concerning Agnesian Healthcare's "Women and Breast Health" seminar held on Wednesday, October 22nd.

Mitch Connell from Aurora Behaviorial Healthcare talks to us Monday about parent/teacher conferences and how to help your kids with their school related problems.

Enjoy the weekend and please, be safe in all your activities and travels. We want to see you all on Monday!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where has this week gone?????

It's Thursday already and I don't know where the week went but I do know I had fun this morning. I am always in a good mood when we talk to Mary T. Browne. Be sure to visit her website at www.marytbrowne.com. She has published several books and you'll also find her at www.k107.com as she's our K107.1 Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor. We had to reschedule Gary Gruber, author "Gruber's Complete SAT Guide 2009"--Jon and I will talk to Gary Tuesday, October 7th so stay tuned!!
Fridays are a blast so join Jon and me when Spike comes on board to talk Packers vs. Falcons (win some football stuff), Tony Meade plays Masterpiece Theater to give away movie passes, and Dr. Jan Yager explains how to "Work Less, Do More"--that's also the title of his new book.
Hang in there people--the weekend is just around the corner!!!!!!!!!!