Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 12/20 Live Blog

Okay, so we thought yesterday's blog might be our last of 2007...but when Britney Spears is spotted partying with Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny AND a pair Oompa-Loompas, THEN passes out on the streets of Vegas...well, we just can't resist.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday 12/19 Live Blog

'Tis the season to be groggy...and as a final gesture of Holiday Spirit, Good Will Toward Men, Peace On Earth and all that hooey...we present a few choice photos that Jon posed for recently in the name of love for his adopted state of Wisconsin. Enjoy...

In the first photo you'll notice Jon is dressed in the traditional garb of 'Packer Pope,' that rare, mythical creature who appears only after a puff of white smoke emerges from the men's restroom at Lambeau Field. Next to him you see the wife of Packer Pope, Miss Yvonne. As Jon wears the green and gold papal garments, his wife dons the foam rubber cheese bra autographed by all the men who've paid $5 to take a peek underneath it. Both of these wardrobes include traditional fall-winter garments in Wisconsin.

The second photo, while not as dignified as the first, shows Jon with all of his animal instincts in full bloom. The robust keg-like midsection not only wards off the pesky females, it also provides a broad canvas on which Jon can profess his love for both the Packers and the letter "G". You may also notice the stickers stratigically placed over each nipple region to protect from the harsh Lambeau winds. The ensemble is topped off by the classic "Furry Packer Helmet," which was outlawed by Congress in the same bill that took lawn darts off the market. Jon's defiant stare and hunched body shows that he's ready for any lawman who dares take his helmet...and any Bears, Lions or Vikings fan who dares to cross his encampment. Classic.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why don't you go "Elf Yourself!"

In response to Jon's astute observation of how I (Mary McGuire) love to make the Holiday Season perfect (even though he didn't get HIS Christmas present last year until, oh, I think it was Valentine's Day - how's that for "perfect?") - I'd like to give this little holiday treat to our bloggers in honor of Jon Carson, whose approach to the Holiday Season is a little more... shall I say, cavalier (if not "last minute" or even a little "bah humbug" at times)? So, sit back (you too, Jon) and enjoy just how much I love making the Holiday Season as perfect as I can possibly make it. Just click on this lovely elf to start the fun!

Nothing spreads holiday love like Go ahead and have some holiday fun and go "Elf Yourself" and loved ones!

Thursday 12/13 Live Blog

That squeal you heard from the K107.1 Studios was Jon finding out that Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus is coming to the Bradley Center on January 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here's the deal all you Montaniacs- tickets go on sale SATURDAY at NOON...BUT members of the Hannah Fan Club (shouldn't it be called the Fannah Club?!) get first crack at seats starting TOMORROW at 10am. You'll need the exclusive fan club PASSWORD in order to log in at, and Jon is not willing to share his. You can try logging on to the Hannah Montana Official website ( or take your chances with Ticketmaster on Saturday. Either way, best of luck and Jon looks forward to seeing you next to him in the front row!!!!

By the way doesn't the holiday season this year seem to be a real GAS?


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday 12/5 Live Blog

So it's been a week since we've updated Ye Olde Blogge and thought it was time to let you know what's been going on with us (off the air) in that time. Mary has been hard at work getting things "just so" for the upcoming Holiday Season (please don't tell her that the Holiday Season is already here, she's much more comfortable thinking that it's still "upcoming")...if you're not one of the privileged few to know Mary In Real Life (I smell a movie idea), then you might not know of her yearning and burning desire to make this the greatest Holiday Season of all-time. And not just for her family and friends the truly greatest Holiday Season in the history of the world. Better than the year Anthony put a pet snake in Cleopatra's stocking. Better than the year General Washington took his troops across the Delaware, signaling a turning point in the Revolutionary War. Better even than the year Ralphie got a Red Ryder bb-gun. Mary was last heard muttering something about gold and frankincense last we saw her....

As for Jon, his big project over the past week has been growing the manliest of all manly beards. It's a first for the normally baby-faced JC, and we think the excitement around the building about Joey T's face wig is what ultimately prompted Jon to take this new path. (ed note: Joey T is not only the newest member of the K107.1 staff, but has also proven to have much more charisma, manners and hygiene than Jon, which is the real reason for his popularity, beard or no beard. I'd highly recommend you check out his show, The Second Shift, weeknights from 4-10p...or take a look at his blog and see what a real man writes about. You'll thank me later!) It looks like we may have a bit of a "Beard War" brewing here at K107.1, although Jon was last heard muttering something about dandruff and stray food particles in all the wrong places....Stay Tuned!