Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday 5/23 Live Blog

The fact that we had no Rapture over the weekend makes this a rather boring Monday. We fully expected to be doing our show live from the Great Beyond this morning, alas, here we are in our smelly little Earth studio.

Where do our beliefs come from? From ghosts to gods to politics to conspiracies, why do we believe what we believe? Dr. Michael Shermer shared his 30 years of experience trying to answer those questions in his new book, The Believing Brain.

We continued to Snap into Summer with Noelle from Snap Fitness. Listen all this week for you chance to get qualified for a one-month membership and personalized fitness score from the folks at Snap.

Our final week to see If the Shoe Fits at Rogan's Shoes. Amy stopped by with a look at this week's featured shoes and a reminder that your LAST chance to win a $75 Rogan's gift card is this Friday. Stop by Rogan's locations in Oshkosh or Fond du Lac sometime before then.

A visit from Susan Anderson made it another medium Monday. Susan took your phone calls and used her psychic gifts to see what the future holds. Don't forget, Susan is also available for one-on-one readings, click over to her website for more details.

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