Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday 5/24 Live Blog

Let's see...it's Final Oprah Show Eve and also Radar O'Reilly's 68th birthday. Hmm. Oprah or Radar? Which is bigger? Oprah. Radar. Oprah? Radar? Tough one. How about we go with Radar today and make tomorrow Oprah's day, ok? "Attention all personnel! Incoming choppers with cake and ice cream!"

A Nick-n-Willy's New Release Tuesday dug up Gnomeo and Juliet on DVD, alongside I Am Number Four, The Big Bang, and The Royal Wedding: William and Catherine. Lady Gaga's Born This Way leads the new music drops, which also include new Brad Paisley, Journey, NKOTBSB (don't ask), and Glee: The Music, Volume 6.

Dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi shared the news that maybe mom doesn't always know best, especially when it comes to indoor tanning. A good reminder about the dangers of skin cancer during the month of May, Melanoma Detection and Prevention Month.

Need a ride? Call Al's Taxi! Al himself left the meter running as he stopped in to talk about a safe, fast, and friendly way to avoid the DUI and stay safe on the roads 24/7. Click over to Al's website or call 920.979.1902.

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