Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday 6/3 Live Blog

Pink had her baby. Finally. Speculation in this space just a few days ago had Pink already being a baby mama, but the announcement made yesterday shot that down, so congrats to Pink and her hubby. According to early reports, the baby girl is healthy, happy, and was given the name Mitt. Or was it Newt?

I Dream of Jeannie star Barbara Eden chatted with us about her new book, Jeannie Out of the Bottle. A great book if you're a fan, and if you're not, Barbara will do that nose wiggle thing and make you a fan! (oh wait, is that Bewitched? hmmm...)

It's a big weekend of fun in our area and we blasted out free tickets to Oshkosh Irish Fest, Road America, and the Wade House. Click over to to see what else is up in your neighborhood, live music, and more.

We took a look at the only new movie hitting theaters today. Professor X has hair and leads a new crop of mutants in X-Men: First Class. Local movies and showtimes as always online at

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