Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday 6/9 Live Blog

With the 2012 elections a scant 17 months away, Republicans went door-to-door yesterday to stimulate the electorate. Remember, if a Republican charges you, either play dead or start talking like a Mitt. Or a Newt. Or ride away like Paul Revere.

Weekend Buzz took us on a wild ride around the South Valley, with a whole bunch of area activities. Click over to the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at for details.

Home safety expert Meri-K Appy stopped by with a list of tips for do-it-youselfers this summer. Get the right protection, take the proper precautions, and have at it!

Power is the new book by world-renowned photographer Platon. Platon chatted with us about putting the volume together, a collection of 100 current and former international leaders.

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