Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday 6/7 Live Blog

It's a sweaty, moist, humid Tuesday and we're keepin' cool by texting pics of our dancing weiners all morning. Ahhh...refreshing!

Nick-n-Willy's helped us rundown the new releases hitting stores today. True Grit leads the way on DVD, along with Just Go With It, The Company Men, and Sanctum. Justin Bieber's new acoustic album is available for download today, as well as new drops from Arctic Monkeys, Marty Balin, Ronnie Dunn, Def Leppard, and Randy Travis.

Adam Bryant from The New York Times joined us to talk about the book version of his popular feature, The Corner Office. Find indispensible and unexpected life lessons from CEOs on how to lead and succeed.

Eat Like a Man, darn it! Esquire magazine's food editor Ryan D'Agostino chatted about the only cookbook a man will ever need (besides the back of a Hamburger Helper box, that is...at least in Jon's case).

Host and producer of the PBS series Rick Steves' Europe, Rick Steves talked with us about Europe's top cities as detailed in his new series of lightweight, compact travel guides. Trusted advice from a globetrotting legend.

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