Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday 4/8 Live Blog

Mary won the coin toss this morning, so it's pictures of Aaron Rodgers on the beach that lead off our blog for a lovely Friday. A-Rod is in Hawaii enjoying some surf & turf with his church-camp-girlfriend (who's picture you would have seen here had Jon gone with heads instead of tails). Click here for for more on this developing love story.

And Sings My Soul, a benefit concert for Leslie Lemke, comes to Marian University next Friday, April 15. Leslie is a savant with a gift for playing the piano, and has been studied by the world-renowned Dr. Darold Treffert. The good doctor joined us to talk about savant syndrome, Leslie's life and talents, and why a benefit is needed. For tickets, email Kathy at Marian or visit them online.

Travel Expert Rudy Maxa talked summer hot spots. Never too early to find those great travel deals that won't break the bank. Find some of Rudy's favorite deals here and here.

Talkin' big new movies as we head into the weekend. Russell Brand is Arthur, James Franco and Danny McBride are off on a quest in Your Highness, sharks attack teen girls in Soul Surfer, and teen girls become assassins in Hanna. Get a full list of local movies and showtimes at

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