Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday 4/21 Live Blog

While Mary is off this morning continuing her week-long stay at Hamburglar Camp, Jon struggles to overcome another raging hump day hangover...

Weekend Buzz got us a look at what's what around the South Valley over the next few days. Because of Easter festivities, options are kind of limited, but we still strongly encourage/command you to head over to the Air-Tech Heating Community Calendar at

(cue the ominous music) It was Beauty Spa Horror Stories that were shared by expert Vicki Southard. Learn the ups and downs of extreme cosmetic treatments before you make the leap into the plastic Fountain of Youth.

Dr. David Dosa shared his tale of the extraordinary gift of an ordinary cat. Making the Rounds with Oscar details Oscar's amazing ability to predict when patients are going to die, a story that made international headlines, and is soon to be made into a movie (with who playing Oscar? Jack Black maybe?).

On our Earth Day Eve, Sandra Steingraber chatted with us about her new book, Raising Elijah. Sandra provided answers on how to protect our children in an age of environmental crisis.

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NinjaW234 said...

Oscar's story was so compelling to me. I was def inspired by this.