Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday 4/18 Live Blog

While Mary is off this morning continuing her week-long party with Nicolas Cage, Jon struggles to overcome another raging Palm Sunday hangover...

Do we ever run out of pig?!? Yet another massive Easter ham was given away this morning directly from The Butcher's Block inside the PDQ in North Fond du Lac. As always, Travis is the man when it comes to the holiday meats.

Global education leader Clark Aldrich chatted with us about ways to "unlearn" what we know about schools and rediscover education. Find skills that are rarely taught, tested, or graded in Unschooling Rules.

We officially kicked off "If the Shoe Fits" with Amy from Rogan's Shoes. Remember to check out this week's featured shoes at, and stop by Rogan's in Oshkosh and Fond du Lac for your chance to win a $75 gift card!

An emotional tribute to the departed Celebrity Apprentice Gary Busey took up most of our second hour with all the crying and whatnot. Catch up with Gary's latest adventures at his website.

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