Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday 4/27 Live Blog

Just TWO days 'til the uncontrollable feeling of jumping for joy strikes our bodies and we fill the streets with dancing. Why not celebrate with a slice from Papa John's? The limited edition William & Kate pie will finally allow you to consume the royal couple and have them become a part of you as they pass through your large intestine.

As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to do some Bonding Over Beauty with author Erika Katz. Erika gave us a look at her mother-daughter beauty guide that helps foster self-esteem, confidence, and trust.

Dr. Jeff Junig made his monthly visit with details on how some common medications like ibuprofen can actually block the effects of prescription meds like Prozac or Lexapro. Find Dr. J online or plying his trade at Fond du Lac Psychiatry downtown.

Household waste piling up? Compost Joe's to the rescue! Sarah Everson stopped by with ways we can stay tidy and help Old Lady Earth at the same time.

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