Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday 4/6 Live Blog

I think we can confirm that the U.K. has now officially passed the U.S. on the cool-o-meter. Isn't this exactly what everyone would do if only they had a little extra cash?!?

Love expert Laurie Puhn returned to the show to talk springtime romance. Use Laurie's 5 New Ways to Say "I Love You" to find and keep the person of your dreams (insert longing *sigh*)...

K107.1 petspert Dr. Ann Sosalla joined us with ways to take care of our furry pals. See Dr. Ann and staff at Companion Animal Care in Fond du Lac.

Dr. Sean Foreman is our political analyst and called in from sunny Barry University in Miami with a look at some of the state election results making national news yesterday. Dr. Foreman hosts his own radio show every Wednesday at noon.

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