Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday 4/26 Live Blog

Just THREE days 'til we lose control of our bladders and are awash in the joy that can only come with a Royal Wedding. Why not celebrate with a pint or two? Surely William & Kate wouldn't frown on an elegant and tasteful hangover the morning after their nuptials, would they?

Nick-n-Willy's brought us another New Release Tuesday, featuring loads of fun available for download today. Stone Cold Steve Austin wrassles in Knockout, 50 Cent makes change in Blood Out, and Cuba Gooding Jr. looks for the money in Sacrifice. Musical drops are a bit more promising, with new stuff from Bowling for Soup, Emmylou Harris, Florence + The Machine, and Augustana.

Want to lose the love handles or muffin top? Say AMEN! with Dr. Daniel Amen and The Amen Solution. Get the brain healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. AMEN!

Manoush Robin joined us with some Mother's Day chatter and ways to make it memorable. Give mom a high-tech makeover with help from our friends at DailyLounge.com.

Kevin Miller gave us a look at what's what at the Windhover these days. Live music and big fun are always in season. Click over to the Windy website for a listing of events and ticket info.

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